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WorldNav 7650 Review

Overall Rating
WorldNav 7650 has an average rating of 2.67 out of 5 based on 6 user reviews.


Vendor Price
Walmart $329.99

The WorldNav 7650 truck GPS unit from TeleType has a powerful screen and useful tools for truckers. The screen is a touchscreen with high resolution image display capabilities and provides support for an optional backup camera. The WorldNav 7650 is customizable for a variety of truck sizes and specifications. The price point and the set of features places the WorldNav 7650 at the higher end of the market.


The WorldNav 7650 has a seven inch screen. With 8 GB of memory, the unit provides virtually unlimited waypoint storage. It also has headphone output for using a headpiece. It contains over twelve million points of interest for reference. The Bluetooth capability permits hands free cell phone use. Owners of previous GPS units for WorldNav may be eligible for trade in offers that can reduce the final price of the unit.

The 7650 accounts for routing restrictions, so that it will not direct the driver onto roads that do not permit trucks. These extends to different classes of hazmat transportation as well as different sizes and weights. It will also guide the driver away from low bridges based on the provided truck height. The Lane Assist tool informs drivers which lane they need to be in for their next exit with a visual representation of the upcoming road. It also comes with voice directions that work in both English and Spanish. It will automatically update the route if the driver makes a change, and it will still remember the requirements and restrictions on roads and low bridges. It is easy to set up the unit to account for any combination of truck size, load, length, height, and weight. The WorldNav 7650 has a one year limited warranty on the hardware. Any accessories and the memory card have a 30 day warranty, and the memory card can be backed up on a computer. You can get a great deal on WorldNav 7650 here.

 Garmin dezl 760LMTRand McNally TND 730WorldNav 7650
Screen Size7 inch7 inch7 inch
Screen Resolution800 x 480 pixels640 x 480 pixels800 x 480 pixels
Live Traffic UpdatesYesRequires SubscriptionNo
Free Lifetime Map UpdatesYesYesYes
Lane GuidanceYesYesYes
Junction ViewYesYesYes


The WorldNav 7650 is an excellent choice for a discerning truck driver who wants more than the most basic features. It fits into the higher end of the trucker GPS market. For anyone who drives several different kinds of trucks, the ability to change the settings easily for different trucks is essential. The automatic updating tool is critical for accounting for sudden route changes due to weather, road closures, or construction.

User Reviews

Posted by RickW.

  • 4/5

After doing a lot of research I decided on WorldNav because it’s $100 cheaper than comparable model from Rand McNally and it has the same features. I’m very impressed with this unit, especially the 7inch screen (my 5 year old PC Miller had 4.3” display). Also, the WorldNav has a big database of truck-specific points of interest and it clearly marks restricted roads so it’s easy to avoid them.

Posted by Gene

  • 4/5

I use this GPS for my RV. The screen size is great and it’s a solid GPS. My only complaint is it locked up on me a couple times and had to be rebooted.

Posted by Chris

  • 1/5

After 2 weeks started having issues with colored screen. Seems it is loosing colors.

Posted by Kyle

  • 1/5

Ive had multiple WorldNav units. There customer service is awful and gps is pure junk. They should give you a punching bag and box of tissues with any product made by teletype. Ended up giving my broken Worldnav to Rand McNally for 100 off the 730. Never looked back

Posted by John Bucci

  • 5/5

I’ve used this 7″ for years now and it’s the best. The night mode is great . Drove all over the country never had a problem

Posted by Ed CARMAN

  • 1/5

Purchased a new WorldNav GPS, experienced gliches, it shut down for days at a time now and again and I found it impossible to update. Got no response from their tech support. I wouldn’t buy another WorldNav unless it was like…. 10 bucks. I will stick with Garmin, a more reliable product from a more reliable company that provides support after the purchase. Stay away from WorldNavy away save yourself some headaches.

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