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Garmin dezl 760LMT Review

Overall Rating
Garmin dezl 760LMT has an average rating of 3.3 out of 5 based on 10 user reviews.


Vendor Price
BestBuy $369.99
TheGPSStore $329.99
Walmart $394.99

With nearly 161, 000 miles of highways in the US over-the-road trucking can be surprisingly complicated. Specifically aimed at truckers, the Garmin dezl 760LMT is designed to eliminate a lot of the guesswork involved in shipping goods cross-country.

Up Front

The first thing anyone notices about the device is its 7-inch touchscreen. Devised to be easily read, the 800 by 480 pixel display allows more information to be clearly presented simultaneously. A brilliant white backlight makes images comfortably discernible from several feet away. To go with the bold visuals, robust audio is provided to give the driver clear verbal info and instructions without having to glance away from the road. It also understands voice commands. The dezl 760LMT attaches inside the cab with a suction cup and contains a lithium-ion battery with up to one-and-a-half hours of operating time. A 12/24 power cable is also supplied that doubles as an FM receiver providing the latest road conditions free of charge for the lifetime of the device.

Getting Connected

This GPS device provides the option of linking to other devices to enhance its performance. With its Bluetooth compatibility, a wireless headset allows the driver to both hear audio messages from the device and more easily give verbal commands to it. This can prove particularly valuable in heavy traffic with excess noise. To expand the Bluetooth experience even further, the dezl 760LMT offers the Smartphone Link app that’s compatible with any Android smartphone. With this, the smartphone can be accessed through the GPS navigator and additional information can be passed between devices including input from the Garmin Live Services center. Keep in mind that some Garmin services require a paid subscription. Finally, the device can be connected to either the Garmin BC20 or a third-party backup camera with the dezl 760LMT serving as the camera monitor.

Showing The Way

As a navigation device, the dezl 760LMT is outfitted with a large number of detailed maps of the lower 48 US states and Canada. The maps are freely upgraded on a routine basis. The maps can be customized to show which routes are open to the rig in question just by supplying vital statistics about it like its physical dimensions and cargo category. Additional trucking-related information provided includes things like road hazards, weight restrictions, road and bridge elevation, state and national boundaries that include adjusting the time zone, sunup and sundown, truck stops and their services, filling stations, and even mechanic’s garages. A unique added feature is Active Lane Guidance or ALG. This extra makes maneuvering through lane changes simple by providing dual animated scenes of the current route and a driver’s-eye view of the road with the desired lane highlighted. You can get a great deal on Garmin dezl 760LMT here.

 Garmin dezl 760LMTRand McNally TND 730WorldNav 7650
Screen Size7 inch7 inch7 inch
Screen Resolution800 x 480 pixels640 x 480 pixels800 x 480 pixels
Live Traffic UpdatesYesRequires SubscriptionNo
Free Lifetime Map UpdatesYesYesYes
Lane GuidanceYesYesYes
Junction ViewYesYesYes

Making Calculations

The dezl 760LMT offers the Trip Planner, a feature that takes multiple stop-offs and assists in developing effective paths that can be saved for later use. Using location info, it can track miles traveled within states for International Fuel Tax Agreement or IFTA compliance along with hours of service, allowing data transmission to another computer via microUSB line.


The best part about 760 is its large screen and easy-to-understand layout on it. The most often heard complaint about the device is wrong information provided concerning whether a given route is compatible for the particular rig, but it’s uncertain if this might be because they didn’t enter their truck’s specifications since these reports depend on such details. Overall, dezl 760 is a best truck GPS unit on the market today.

User Reviews

Posted by Matt Smith

  • 5/5

This is my first GPS unit and I have to say love it. It has prevented me from going under low bridges and restricted road. I like that it gives you the correct lane ahead of time. This is a must-have for a truck driver.

Posted by Fred

  • 4/5

It’s a good truck GPS. It’s not always accurate but it does the job vast majority of trips. My only complaint it takes forever to calculate routes.

Posted by JRedding

  • 3/5

The 760 has a lot to recommend it especially if you are already used to using Garmin products. The routing is good the screen is bigger than the 465 and very clear even in the sun. The voice is clear and loud enough to hear over cabin noise. And live traffic is free rather than a subscription service though it is supported by popup ads.
The things I didn’t like about the 760 weren’t terrible but when you shell out this kind of money you want to get something you are happy with. First the Garmin Express program would not install on my PC no matter what it tried. This wouldn’t be that big of an issue but you have to use this program to update firmware and maps. There is no other way. I ended up getting it to install on my daughter’s laptop so I don’t know what the issue was with my computer. Another issue for me is the data you can display onscreen in the information bar. On this unit you can only choose four and I would like the option for more. Another display issue is not being able to pick which points of interest it shows on the map. You can adjust the zoom but that is inconsistent and requires constant fiddling with the controls. It does show the scale at all times which makes it a little easier. Anyways this unit completely crapped out on my first trip and is getting returned through amazon. My issue with units quitting may be with buying refurbished and not a manufacturing problem at Garmin.

Posted by Chipper

  • 1/5

When I got this unit I liked the large display and had high hopes for the unit’s advertised capabilities. Sadly there were problems almost immediately. I could not get the touch screen to register a touch no matter how hard I pushed unless I used the edge of my fingernail. Two days later and I was really pissed and I was ready to throw it out the window while driving. The touch screen is too picky, the displayed information is useless, the menus and options are more hassle than they are worth and to top it off it would route me down crazy back roads making the trip longer. Pretty name is the only thing the Magellan has going for it.

Posted by hubert wilson jr

  • 2/5

My wife and I drive about 5000 miles a week as a team. We know that no GPS will ever replace a good atlas completely but still we wanted to get something better than the little TomTom we got for our ATV. It worked pretty well for finding addresses but we wanted something that would route us on approved truck lanes. After exhaustively researching the different manufacturers and models of trucker GPS units we decided to go with Garmin because of the good user reviews. The first day we used this one we were amazed at just how wrong this device could be. The whole reason for buying one of these trucker models was to get truck approved routes. At least half of the time it would tell us we were on restricted routes when we were driving on major highways and along busy trucking routes we regularly use. One day it had us drive by an exit 3 times and keep coming back as it rerouted and it never got it right. I was honestly shocked by how inaccurate this thing is. If it was half way decent at routing it would be a great product. The display is big and bright with a crisp image and the onscreen buttons are nice and responsive. The audio is loud enough to be heard even under noisy conditions. The mount keeps it secure even bumping down back roads. It is intuitive and easy to use. It is even easy to update. Unfortunately it absolutely fails at routing and that is its primary function. If Garmin can get this worked out I will change my review but as is I can’t recommend it.

Posted by Ian MacDonald

  • 1/5

Great News
I have been refunded for the full cost of the dezl 760 LMT. After raising the issue with the ACCC.
What a dud
It shows the speed limit for heavy vehicles on the freeways as being 110 k/h. Maybe Garmin doesn’t know.
The overspeed alarm only works if your looking directly at a tiny little area at the bottom right of the device which might cause safety issues on penant hills rd in a b-double in peak hour.
Too many other faults to list.

Posted by RWT

  • 3/5

I drive a truck for a living, and I bought this after to relocating to the Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia region that I wasn’t too familiar with. I needed a good GPS to help me find my way from one point to the next. The Garmin 760 will get me there, but some of the routes it spits out don’t seem to make sense. Once it put me on the main highway, then redirected me 15 miles down an old country road that led back onto the same highway! The other features work great… maybe the maps need updating, or I need to learn more, but like any GPS, don’t let it redirect you if you know it’s not making sense.

Posted by A. Weltan

  • 4/5

I like my Garmin fine. I wouldn’t drive without it. The cell phone data connection is a good feature, and I enjoy the local weather info. But with the 760 I can’t help but feel they’ve got a ways to go to perfect it. My major complaints stem from the fact that it sometimes seems to drop my IFTA reports and driver logs, or parts of them, from memory.

It would also be nice to have a weigh station alert rather than having to bookmark or deliberately search for them. Also, I like the information you get from the map icons that are there, but isn’t there a way to filter them? I mean, the truck stops are practically mandatory, but I don’t really need to see all the banks along my route. Trying to see what’s beneath those map icons in moving traffic is a problem.

Posted by John

  • 5/5

Now, I’m an over-the-road trucker from way back, but all I’ve ever used are Garmin GPSs. The do everything I need them to do, and the 760 is the best so far. The sound is good, and the screen is clear even at night. It recalculates very quickly if I miss a turn. The voice command is a cool feature, even though I don’t use it much. I’ve been driving with the 760 for over 11,000 miles coast-to-coast now, and I don’t have anything negative to say. I do recommend that you get a more solid window mount for it, as mine did get bent. You can find them pretty cheap online, and your 760 will be more stable.

Posted by charles hess

  • 5/5

As a retired truck driver i did not have any gps but now as a rv driver i am very pleased even more pleased than the gps in my 2017 car. I have no complaints at all .
Perhaps some of the previous complaints are die to operator not having correct items such as weight–length-width programed into the unit. Also there are programs for fastes time–shortest route -least fuel route as k you can select.
One thing i do however when driving through cities like Atlanta i mute voice as i believe most of time we are traaveling far too fast an voice directions can not keep up to speed we travel .
Overall opinion of 760 gps for me is excelent.

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