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Rand McNally TND 520 Review

Overall Rating
Rand McNally TND 520 has an average rating of 3.33 out of 5 based on 9 user reviews.


Vendor Price
BestBuy $259.99
Walmart $204.99

The Rand McNally TND 520 provides truck drivers with accurate directions, and an efficient way to get around traffic and other issues that can prevent on-time deliveries. For a nominal cost, the device can help you improve your gas efficiency, forecast weather conditions, and get you rolling on the way to your next destination. Economy is the name of the game, and with an efficient method of determining gas stations en-route that provide the best rates, fuel type, and brand, you simply can’t go wrong.

The most important features on this device are the ones that are going to get you from point A to point B with as little hassle, the quickest route, and at the lowest cost possible. This device is powered by Rand McNally’s year’s of expertise in creating detailed and effective road maps. Back before GPS, Rand McNally was the leader in U.S.-based map-makers, and as the quest for better technology took hold, they stood on top of their game.

Weather Forecast

Current weather conditions are displayed prominently to help make you aware of upcoming road conditions, and protect you from potential surprises later on down the road. You can view current conditions, choose from 10 styles of map overlays including two- and three-dimensional styles, and get the current precipitation and wind speed. All of these factors combined can help an experienced driver prepare for changing road conditions, and make the necessary decisions to make it safely between destinations.

Local Searches

When you’re in an unfamiliar town, it’s important to be able to find your way around quickly. Getting lost is the worst possible thing that can happen to a driver trying to make a deadline. The local search option finds up-to-date information on the local businesses. The search includes information on restaurants, hotels, and other important services that might be needed. What’s really nice about this option is that there is also a way to select an alternate route, and quickly switch between the two as the need arises. You can get a great deal on Rand McNally TND 520 here.

 Garmin dezl 560LMTRand McNally TND 520WorldNav 5300
Screen Size5 inch5 inch5 inch
Screen Resolution480 x 272 pixels640 x 480 pixels800 x 480 pixels
Live Traffic UpdatesYesRequires SubscriptionNo
Free Lifetime Map UpdatesYesYesYes
Lane GuidanceYesNoYes
Junction ViewYesNoYes

Fuel Prices and Log

Fuel prices for gas stations are clearly labeled on the map, and you can search by fuel type, brand or price. Additionally, you can track your fuel purchases to keep tabs on your current costs, and make sure you’re keeping within budget. This is a great option for drivers whom want a simple and accurate way to log records, without having to pull out the mileage log for every stop. This can save you time, and then you can complete logs later on in your journey when you’re up for a more prolonged stop.

Team Driving Options

When you’re running a complete driving business, it’s important to keep track of team members. The system lets you keep timers, mileage, and important information to easily track two team members. This is perhaps one of the nicest features about the device, and it can greatly reduce the costs associated with maintaining this information manually. Use this technology to speed up your tallying and track your team.


The unit weighs less than two pounds, and is about the size of a postcard. This makes it easy to place anywhere in the vehicle, and provides the most options for placement. The device does require batteries, which makes it easy to take out of the car and check details while at a rest stop. The display size is five inches, and the battery life will last you one hour. Overall, the device is a solid tool for all truckers, and it comes with Rand McNally’s continual devotion to talking with truckers who are driving full-time, and meeting the demands of even the most rigorous trucking operations.

User Reviews

Posted by RoadCall

  • 4/5

This is a solid product with the potential to be great. Unfortunately mine started messing up right out of the box. I hooked it up to the dock and ran the diagnose and repair tool. It came back with 33 errors and said it was able to repair them. In the first week of daily use as a long haul driver, I noticed that it took a long time to get booted up and ready for input. The times it would boot quickly the touch screen would not register commands. Then when driving the cancel route popup would randomly appear on it reported. Even though it says it fixed them they show up every time I run the tool. I decided that mine was probably just a bad unit and returned it to Amazon for a replacement. They were very helpful and I had my replacement within a week.
The new unit showed no errors when I ran the tool on it out of the box and has not shown any sense. My new unit still seems a little slow loading up but it is consistent and I am not experiencing any of the problems I had with the first one. The Garmin units are supposed to be a little less buggy but the Rand McNally definitely has better maps and truck tools. The routing is the best I have used, but like any GPS you need to double check your route against Google maps or an atlas. Sometimes it will have the wrong roads labeled truck restricted when they are not and route you the long way around. This is a great unit. The software is good but feels like maybe it was released before it was really ready. Thankfully Rand McNally good support and they are working out the bugs. I have no doubt this unit will live up to your expectations.

Posted by spyda

  • 4/5

The only problems I have had with this since I received it are in accurate directions when leaving form a stop at the beginning of a trip and some smaller state roads and highways don’t always show up. The first issue is only a problem in instances such as leaving a truck stop. I was pulling out late at night and it was a poorly lit area. The unit routed me out onto a dirt service road leading into the woods rather than back onto the main road. The other issue I ran into in Tennessee on state route 109 N. The road was listed in the directions but for about 15 miles the map just showed me driving through the countryside with no roads around. Other than these two minor things I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Posted by Keith

  • 5/5

This is a handy device but it is a little crazy about weight limits and things. It tried to route me 200 miles out of the way to bypass a 35 ton bridge on a major highway. The highway it tried to avoid is one trucks run day in and day out and is marked in my atlas as a truck route. The other annoying thing it will do is occasionally route down some tiny side road then about half a mile down tell you to make a U-turn hen possible. This is not an easy task pulling a semi-trailer. Almost chucked it out the window because of that a couple of times. Over all the routing is pretty good as long as you confirm your route with an atlas. The alerts for speed, grade, turns and weigh stations are handy but I don’t know if I would say it is worth over 300 dollars when I still have to use a paper map as well. I will keep using it since I already bought it though.

Posted by Roberto Silva

  • 1/5

Sent me into resident route, small roads, dead ends, routes make no sense. you can tell when it is sending you from point a to b in your city. Long way around waste of fuel, time and trouble with the authorities.

Rand McNally answer to my complains was “GPS is only a tool to help you move, can’t relay on them.”

Posted by Dan


I’ve used them for years and it seems I need to find a good one. It routes you out and around then back in thru a residential street. It is a waste of fuel. Mine keeps flickering and going black now right after warranty runs out. Well, I’m shopping for a better one I’m done wasting my money on bad GPS. It takes you off the highway too soon for a longer route.

Posted by John

  • 2/5

Customer Service is the worst!! Purchased 2 of them and within 6 months I had to send them back. Would not hold a charge. Called and attempted to get updates on their status and Rand McNally’s customer service are rude and not helpful. Now that the 2 units have been returned there is NO information about what was done to the units or if they were even fixed.

Posted by John E. Scott

  • 5/5

You have to plug in and download the updates, but once you use it for a bit you’ll like it. I’ve been using the 520 every day in my fuel tanker for a few months now. The GPS works fine and you can hear the voice and alerts even over the radio or headphones. You can store notes like specific loading docks or gate codes for the places you visit. You can enter in your vehicle size, trailer type, load, and so forth to help it find the best routes for your vehicle. It doesn’t always make the best choices, but it’s never left me stranded, either. It shows routes in purple and changes with orange arrows so it’s easy to follow. You can also check construction areas, speed limits, landmarks, etc. This is a compact little unit, but it does its job well.

Posted by L. Miller

  • 5/5

My husband has been using Rand McNally for years, so when it came time to upgrade by own GPS, I bought the 520. I’m sold on this GPS!

It shows me the Interstate mile markers, exit numbers, and distances. It also show my speed compared to posted speeds and gives a warning if I go too fast. It’s easy to find points of interest on the route, such as certain restaurants or retailers. You can change the route any way you want, and it reroutes fast after missed turns.

No, I’m not a trucker, but I appreciate a trucker’s app even in my sedan. It warns me about hazards, and I can turn off semi features I don’t want. Plus, you can connect with your phone’s Wi-Fi to get MORE features!

Posted by Jim

  • 3/5

I have 2 of these units. I believe one to be a first generation and one to be a second generation. They both have the same problem, the screen will freeze and you can’t power it down or anything. All you can do is unplug it and wait on the side of the road for 40 minutes till the battery dies. The first gen had a reset button that helped with this issue but the gen 2 does not. “Way to go Rand” make it worse instead of better. As far as routing, it’s pretty good and the ability to look for truck stops and restaurants is great which is were the 3 stars come from.

Posted by William smith

  • 1/5

So this gps is probably the fastest one calculating routes, and gives pretty decent routes! But the reason for the one star is that I’ve been through 4 of these. Its lead me in circles before, bouncing makes it hard to press screen it has and will randomly change route on you and it will freeze saying there isn’t enough memory and the worst moments only way to get the screen to return is to unplug and wait for internal battery to die and it will test your patience!! If you are dead set in getting this device get a garmin OR tom tom (they are slow but still better) and let that be your main gps use this one for only calculating route point of interests.

Posted by James Allen Oglesby


Had two of these over 6 years. Same problem with both. The power plug is not of the quality is should be and over time it completely quits working. Fix the power cord issue.

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