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Rand McNally TND Tablet Review

Overall Rating
Rand McNally TND Tablet has an average rating of 1.68 out of 5 based on 47 user reviews.


Vendor Price
Walmart $549.99
BestBuy $599.99

The Rand McNally TND Tablet goes way beyond the average GPS. This First of its kind device combines all of the great features commercial truck drivers expect from a navigation unit with the functionality of a top grade Android tablet. The added functionality of this tablet makes it a great choice for anyone who is on the road a lot. It not only provides great routing options but also serves as an all-in-one productivity and entertainment center. With the wealth of features available it will be no surprise if other brands follow suit.

In the Box

This tablet is sturdy without feeling bulky even in the age of super slim devices. It comes with a crisp 1280 x 800, 8” display and includes an anti-glare cover for added visibility in bright light. Running a Cortex A7 processor with 1GB of RAM and carrying 16GB of internal memory the selection of apps it can run is nearly limitless. It is Wi-Fi only so no cellular data is available. The 4000 mAh battery gives up to 6 hrs. of use between charges and it comes with both a vehicle and wall charger included. As for ports is sports one mini-HDMI, one micro-USB, one Micro SD slot, and one 3.5mm audio jack. Also included in the box is a magnetic mounting bracket with a built-in GPS antenna to increase location accuracy when driving and a USB cable for connecting to a computer or charging.

On the Road

Don’t expect this device to skimp on its abilities as a GPS unit. It comes loaded with the very same software as Rand McNally’s other truck GPS models. With the included mount antenna it is just as accurate as well. It does everything a driver needs. After setting up the truck and load profile it picks the most efficient route. It has lane assist and shows upcoming interchanges in split screen with a street view image for easier navigation. Finding the right place to stop is easy with the point of interest locator. There is even live traffic and weather overlays to help avoid costly delays.

About the Business

In addition to standard logging and reporting features found in other GPS units, the TND offers a wealth of productivity software to make the business end of the job a breeze. The 5 megapixel rear camera allows mobile document scanning. The software suite takes care of accounting, scheduling, email, manifests and just about anything else the modern freight hauler might need.

Off the Clock

Life can’t be all work and no play. This is where the Android operating system really shines. Once the driving is done it is a simple task to pull up the latest movies and TV shows from Google play. There are apps for Netflix and many other streaming video services. If music is called for it is easy to load with MP3s from a computer. For gamers there is a truly astounding selection of high-quality entertainment available for download through the app store. In fact, if it is digital and entertaining there is a good chance it is available on android.

This tablet GPS combo performs well in both respects. Though it is a bit more expensive than many units it is still a bargain for all it provides. Expect to see a lot more of these on the road in the future. You can get a great deal on Rand McNally TND Tablet here.

 Rand McNally TND TabletMagellan RoadMate RC9485T-LMB
Screen Size8 inch7 inch
Screen Resolution1280 x 800 pixels800 x 480 pixels
CPUCortex A7Cortex A9
Operating SystemAndroidAndroid
Dashboard CameraYesNo
Free Lifetime Map UpdatesYesYes
Lane GuidanceYesYes
Junction ViewYesYes

User Reviews

Posted by Neal

  • 3/5

Just got one. Overall, it has a great mapping program of course Rand McNally, runs off the Android which is superior. From my opinion, Rand McNally should’ve invested with a higher quality company to provide it’s tablet. This is a cheap China tablet, breaks/scratch very easily. No ambient light sensors, no front camera,very low quality rear camera. Samsung or HTC should’ve been component provider, disappointed Rand McNally stamped it’s brand to a cheap, low quality component. I will pay a few hundred extra for a Samsung, HTC based tablet. Or maybe an I PAD tablet.

Posted by Chris

  • 1/5

Very disappointed, and quite frankly pissed off at Rand McNally and the junk they are calling the TND tablet. I should have known that a company that was selling the printed motor carrier atlas as “NEW AND UPDATED”, was in fact the same old product with a different cover. Now to the THD Tablet. First…out of the box the on/off button did not work correctly. Sometimes it would turn on…sometimes it wouldn’t. Later quit entirely and would not let me turn the unit off at all. Second..the dash camera would turn off for no reason at all. Third….the “fastest route” was rarely correct. The unit didn’t even recognize the existence of a 4 lane divided highway, opting instead to route me onto a 2 lane road loaded with stop lights. Customer service, ( and I use the term loosely), said oh well, it is a new product that is bound to have some bugs and directed me to an ap for updates. WELL SURPRISE!!!! NO updated available. Amazon was nice enough to allow me to return it even though I was past the return deadline by the time I got home. Nice concept…crappy product and service. Lastly to Kevin Rutherford who I respect and follow closely….you missed the boat by partnering with R.M. on this one.

Posted by R. Braun

  • 5/5

Rand McNally products never let me down! As a truck driver I can say the TND Tablet has the best GPS I’ve used, and a tablet is terrific when I’m stopped and can get Wi-Fi access. The screen’s larger and easier to use than the usual GPS. It seemed a little high as far as price, but consider you’re getting a great GPS system and a tablet for one price. You’d have pay more to buy both for your truck. I train drivers, and I’ve talked at least one trainee into getting one because I love it!

Posted by Darren D Mock

  • 3/5

It’s ok. This will be my last rand McNally gps I will purchase.

Posted by Charles Hundley


Bought the gps tablet and put password on it..it’s locked called randall mcnally to do a hard reset and they can’t have to send it in..to get it reset ..

Posted by Adam besaw

  • 4/5

Gps works great. I had a minor issue with setup but customer service fixed it quickly. My only complaints are that I think it should have a better camera And I noticed when you touch a Cat scale icon on the gps it won’t tell you what truckstop without doing a point of interest search other than that I have no complaints

Posted by Mark

  • 1/5

Tablet has no life, charge it ALL night and turn it on and battery is only at 10 percent, then dies when I need the GPS, so I plug it back in and does absolutely no charge. I called them and still waiting for the call back! It was great when it worked right, well my second one that is, had to return my first after a few days! I think they should take them back and reimburse us all that are unhappy with this device! WASTED MONEY!!!!!

Posted by Delbert Wade

  • 1/5

Speedometer doesn’t work. The unit sends you way AND I mean way out of the way to get to destination. It keeps falling off its own mount. This thing turns its self off with no warning.
Battery has no capability to hold a charge. I’ve returned it and they won’t refund my money. Rand McNally tell me to go to vendor, vendor tells me to go to the manufacturer.

Oh and don’t even think that your $500.00 will get you traffic. They tell you to get a subscription or use wifi. Wow Garmin don’t need anything plug it in and go.

Posted by Don

  • 2/5

NOT USER FRIENDLY! Dash cam needs a adjustable lens. Manual has nothing on how to use the dash cam, play back, etc. In fact it does not even come with a manual. Had to go online to get that.
Cannot program a route as how I want to go. Since I haul mostly O/D loads would be very helpful.
Would not recommend buying!

Posted by Michael j woods

  • 1/5

I’m not happy with mine. Had trouble with it out of the box. Now it’s not charging well, I think because the female charging port on the tablet is too loose to maintain a connection. I’m getting a Garmin.

Posted by David carf

  • 1/5

OK this thing was advertised As to do traffic it will not unless you tether your phone to it about $20 a month other brands do not need this I wasted $500 and not happy that was the main reason for getting it would not buy one again

Posted by Al the Trucker

  • 1/5

How I dearly regret buying this unit. First night it fell off its stand which I had securely mounted. Announce a left curve that is a right one. The sound is awful and distort when you crank it to the max. On the second day the thing stopped working completely, I spent 30 minutes alongside the road figuring out my way to a new destination, once I arrived, the thing was working again. What a pathetic waste of time, I’m not even sure they’ll take it back. Grrrrr I’m going with Garmin, something I should have done in the first place.

Could I write minus 5 as a score ?

Posted by danceswithhighway

  • 1/5

It is a piece of crap. Do not buy it. Dash cam has never worked. Battery will not charge properly. From main screen, gps will not turn on until numerous retries. Recently begin to not function properly when adding a point of interest. Would default back to last route entered. I have to turn off unit to start another route. Routing is unreliable. I could go on and on. Customer service said they would send out prepaid preaddressed label, been six weeks never showed up. Talked to them again today (1/12/16), we’ll see how that goes. DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM !!! Zero star! Black hole star, I feel like I got pulled in with no escape of being suckered by this piece of crap of a gps. Rand McNally you should be ashamed of yourself.

Posted by Trucker Zach

  • 4/5

Sorry some of you are disappointed with how the TND Tablet works. I hope your issues get resolved. I just bought mine last night and here’s a few things you need to know…
1. It works best if you also have a mobile hotspot. However that is NOT required.
2. To transfer your contacts from your older TND devices you will need to connect it to your laptop. Open Finder on Mac or Windows Explorer on PC, open the old TND’s drive and locate a folder labeled NAVI. Open it and open another folder labeled User. The file name is AddressBook.db. right click and select copy.
2b.On the TND Tablet, swipe down and tap USB connected. Then tap Mass Storage.
2c. Back on the PC open the drive labeled TND80 or TND70. Then open the .Navi folder. Open Address Book then open User. Right click and paste the AddressBook.db fIle into the folder.
2d. Close the window and unplug both devices.
3. Most of the cost is due to the software. The device does have a cheap look/feel (I dinged it a star for that) however it is a very responsive device that pulls no punches when it comes to map accuracy, screen quality or reliability. The mount, on the other hand, could indeed be more secure. I had issues with the magnetic part of the mount that holds the GPS to it.

Overall it’s a good first generation device. Prices will come down to reasonable levels soon and I hope the device improves from here on out.

Posted by Lon Arends

  • 1/5

It is a real joke I would not recommend it to anyone in fact I would try to talk some one out of buying it. I bought the tnd t 80 and found out that every time I want to export the information I have to call rand McNally every time. You can not use it to do your fuel report it will not separate the miles on trips. I talked to Rick that does fuel report audits for NW Iowa and he said no good. I will rate the tnd t 80 1 on a 1 to 10 scale.

Posted by Marvin

  • 1/5

Without a doubt the worst GPS I have ever owned. RM Support tells me I have the latest map and yet my TND-720 has a newer map. I have come across roads that don’t even show up on the tablet, yet my 720 shows them. have called several times about the out of date map and get the same lame answer. “Don’t know when the next update is coming.”
I have not had the mount problems some have had. That is the only thing I like about it. The tablet portion is under powered and slow. Battery life is terrible, speaker worse. I have started using the 720 again. Could not put up with the out of date map and terrible touting. I check the tablet every once in while to see if there is a map update. Would sell it, but how do you sell something to someone, when you know it is not a good product?

Posted by Michael

  • 1/5

I wish I could give it no star on the review..For $500 you would expect a quality product..I had mine 2-3 weeks, it would not charge the battery, no power..I charged it for 2 days, kept saying “plug in the charger battery low” I sent it back..Rand sent it back stated repaired..Worked 2 weeks died again, they sent me a new power cord, doing the same thing..the power cord is cheap junk, I had it 3 months and only used it maybe 4 weeks..worse purchase I ever made..DON’T BUY IT!!

Posted by Pete

  • 1/5

As bad as this unit is, and itworks only marginally better than my dead 720, it works better than the 300 model dash cam that I just bought. It recorded for 1.5 days and then turned itself off. I called Customer Service 6 times to get it resolved. “Send it in” they said, and we will issue a refund. “I can’t until I get home, that will be around Christmas. (Today is 9/12) “The refund offer may not be available then.” “Ok, you have just lost a customer for life.” I now have $1000 worth of RM paperweights, and no reason to spend another dime on RM shit or deal with their Customer Disservice department.

Posted by Dave Tubbs

  • 1/5

Mine worked fine for about 6 months, then it stopped charging, I called RM they told me to unplug it, reset it nothing worked. They sent a new plug and dock, still did not charge. They finally had me send it in for repairs they said it could not be repaired so sent me a new one. The new one lasted almost 48 hours before it stopped
charging. I called back asking for a refund they if course said no and are sending me another new one, which is number 3, and my confidence level is low! . Oh and once your one year warranty is up, you are screwed. Everytime it stops working and they replace it, you only have a 3 month warranty. Very dissapointing.

Posted by Dave

  • 3/5

Had mine about 6 months now.
My biggest issue is the RM Services update. I’d like to know my tablet is updated, when wifi is connected I’m prompted to download 296.4 KB for an update. Every several minutes.

Posted by Bud

  • 5/5

I don’t know what’s up with these negative reviews. You guys either don’t know what you or doing, or the old saying wrestle with a pig.

I’ve had mine for over a year, and its dead on every time. I go to some off beaten places and it has never messed me up.

A friend of mine e bought one because of my praises of this unit and he loves his and says the same thing is dead one all the time

Posted by Alikat

  • 5/5

I bought one of the first TND Tablets, and in the beginning I felt there were too many bugs . But this is a great device. It’s awesome to have all I need, from GPS to dash cam, in one device. If you’re killing time there’s also the digital book map, Netflix, YouTube, and more if you have Wi-Fi. The touchscreen is more responsive than previously, the sound volume is better, the battery life is good – though the dash camera is limited. Still, a fantastic device.

Posted by George tooker

  • 5/5

I also am sorry about all of you who have had bad luck with this incredible device. I got it because of it being 8 inches, clearly bigger than the 720 or my qualcomm! When I put an address in it finds it probably twice as fast as my 720 and does not freeze up like my 720 did either. I think it has 4 voices you can choose from, but the volume doesn’t seem to be as loud? The fact that you can take the tablet off of the mount is really cool. Everything seems faster, even typing things in. True I spent 680 canadian(with tax)…approximately 490 us, but I was using this within 5 minutes after pulling it out of the box, and use it every day, so it’s an investment, I love this thing. I got it because a buddy of mine( a trucker like me)had it and loved it. Nothing in life is perfect. This thing is perfect for me. And hey if there’s a problem it comes with a warranty.

Posted by ADRIAN

  • 1/5

This is an absolute waste of time, the amount of time I have wasted contacting customer service and resetting the entire tablet just to find out that it still does not work. The RM services and Truck GPS seem to take turns malfunctioning and the “solution” is always the same, I call, we delete a folder, we reset the tablet. Please learn from my mistake and save your money.

Posted by Marco

  • 1/5

Literally just touched the screen with mh finger while mounted to the dock on my windshield and the screen cracked. They want to charge me to fix it and it will be gone for 2-3 weeks an me being an over the road driver this isnt feasible. I bought this p.o.s back in Dec of 2016 I’ve had charging issues routing hiccups shut downs out of nowhere cheap knock off feel but im still pissed about the uncustomer service i received and the fact that I can provide pictures that had a black mark on the screen the size of my pointer finger that shows were it cracked. I take care of my electronics not abuse them. This will be the last rand mcnally product i purchased i really wished i would have listened to earlier reviews instead of giving this junk a try. BUYERS BEWARE DO NOT WASTE YOUR $500.

Posted by Johnny

  • 1/5

Very very disappointed….. after one month gps app wouldn’t open!! Called customer service and got a repair code and fix it…. but now for 80 miles trip show me 5 hours to drive and it’s routing about 300 miles. In order to get the right directions needs to press compare routes first and choose right ones……Dash cam app not working ….99%of time I’ve got a black screen ,called again customer service and after 10 min I was told to send unit back because it’s nothing can do over the phone and they need it to ,,Flash??!”……. recently it’s start to show NO GPS logo and app it’s freezing… need to restart in order to work again. In my opinion Android OS has to do with this issues. Overall, I would not recommend to anyone to buy it,for now…. unless they will make improvements.

Posted by Ryan

  • 1/5

Stay away from this GPS. Had it for 2 weeks and took it back for a Garmin. It may look great sitting up on the shelf showing you all it has to offer, but in reality it is not.. First off it will try to take you on routes that are 30-40 further than a route it should take you.. I normally plan and study my routes beforehand so I’m not relying solely on this thing to get me there anyway.. good thing I didnt… second of all the power connector was really loose out of the box.. figured maybe it was just the charger so I tried others.. same result. So the port was obviously not correct to begin with. Eventually it became so bad that it just quit taking a charge. Also the mounting is a joke.. the tablet is too heavy causing it to fall off the windshield every 200 miles.. the tightening nuts for the side to side swivel kept coming loose and would just spin left or right.. finally after tightening them back up so often, they stripped out.. The dash cam would crash as well as some other apps.. even gps mode crashed a few times loosing my route.. Rand McNally put there name on a junk Chinese tablet and are robbing everyone’s money!! Thank God Sapp Bros gave me a refund and didn’t question it.. probably for a reason. Buy Garmin!

Posted by Toni C

  • 1/5

It’s a peace of crap, it would take me off the highway turn around, back on the highway exit the highway and back again the highway I was on, I have it on no uturns, and no dirt roads, guess what it tells me to do, it will take me to turn right and go far away from where I need to turn, tells me to make a uturn where it is not possible and all I had to do was to turn left to the entrance! This thing is a wastes my time on driving (losing valuable mins$, fuel$, and miles$, etc$.) I have to stop get onduty (lose time $, use my phone gps $,) its a waste of my efforts in making my money with this thing,
Call techs, and they tell me that I can not use my hotspot from my phone to download, then they tell me that the peoplenet or Qualcomm effects the there gps, now how many drivers use those! Then I was told that I can use my hotspot to do a download, I use to work with people that always come up with excuses, you can’t work with them ether, this Rand McNally gps is only 8mos old, been having problems from day 2, wanted to sell it, however I don’t want to feel bad selling to someone a bad product, like you guys are doing to me,

Posted by Santiago

  • 1/5

The rand McNally tablet is the worst investment for a Gps. I’ve had so many problems 8 months after I bought it. And supposedly they send me a new tablet back and they just changed the cover of it cuz I still had all my contacts and addresses and and everything I put to it

Posted by Wim VDM

  • 1/5

Don’t waste your money on this cheap Chinese crap!
As with all my RMNs, had issues from day 1. Even had to send this tablet back to US for repairs. About a month later it came back but I had lost ALL my input, while it worked as new… for 7 days.
Not even a week ago a colleague also bought a TND tablet. He was proud and happy… for 3 days!
Like in my case his old Garmin had to take over the job, again…

Posted by dan btsc

  • 1/5

i had small hick ups at first and dealt with it and fixed it with support and most myself
last big map update in 2016 all bets off freezing all the time works great when your not moving
had it serviced twice rand mcnally cant find anything wrong
i even showed on video tnd-80 vs 730 tnd 80 freezes mostly in canada, close to canada border, fargo nd when i jump of for fuel, saulk center mn. haven’t had a construction update since update.
i spent godly hours with tech to fix this and its a pile of junk, ya rand hears this all the time, so fix it, its “software”
planning on buy in a overdryve 8 pro “not” sat radio and eld in one, what happens when it piles up like the tnd-80
save your money and time stick to the 730

Posted by Leah

  • 1/5

Bought this device for my boyfriend. He had problems with it shortly after taking it out of the box and it was exchanged for a new one. The second one started having problems within 30 days. The device was sent to RMN and boyfriend did not get replacement back for three weeks. Two days after receiving the “replaced” device this particular one started messing up. The device shakes in the truck and the magnetic strip is crap. All three devices would not route correctly and the devices would randomally turn off. RMN definitely does not back this product and you can forget about having money returned.

Posted by Randy

  • 1/5

This Tablet is a piece of junk. It doesn’t hold a charge. And Rand McCrappy must know of this problem by now. Anyone who claims no issue is lying. The charger simply is not powerful enough for the Tablet. Maps are not improved either. same lack of location as the one i bought 3 years ago. Do yourself a favor, get a Garmin. This thing is garbage. It has a below 2 rating for a reason.

Posted by Bill M

  • 2/5

Let me just warn you, this is a very long post. This is my personal review of the Rand McNally TND Tablet 70 Truck Routing GPS Unit.

So I decided to try the Rand McNally TND Tablet70 because it was a killer deal at TA/Petro. After a $150 instant rebate and a $20 Platinum Member coupon, I paid $298 after tax. It is regularly $450, so I figured I wouldn’t find it any cheaper.

I looked at a lot of reviews before buying it, and a lot of people complained about RM Customer Support, poor quality hardware, inaccurate routing, unit falls off dash mount, unit wouldn’t charge up out of box, poor screen brightness, poor speaker volume, and inability to operate the installed dash cam.

None of my friends have ever talked about the Tablet units, so I was skeptical whether I would like it or not. TA/Petro offers a full refund within 10 days of purchase so I figured I would give it a shot. I have had a lot of RM units over the years, and haven’t had the issues that others always complain about.

So, after 5 days of running the Tablet 70 alongside my 3 year old TNd 520, here is what I notice.

1)The unit would not charge out of the box with the supplied Micro USB cable. When I connected the 12volt cigarrette charger, it charged just fine.

2)The unit fell off it’s suction cup mount twice. The issue was not the magnetic mount, but where the “slice” mounted to the suction cup.

3)To this day I can’t figure out how to change the Driver information. My TND 520 has Driver 1 and Driver 2. The tablet came preset as J Smith and Driver 2. No clue how to edit that name, which is trivial but annoying.

4)The “slice” mount has a “Commercial grade GPS antenna” for better accuracy. With the two units running side by side there is a significant difference in the mileage tracking. I have used my GPS to track actual mileage over odometer mileage for several years now. I will need to test the mileage against highway markers and possibly a phone app to decide which unit is more accurate. The TND 520 is reporting approximately 3% more miles than the Tablet with the Commercial grade GPS antenna.

5)Side by side routing seemed to be very similar once the Tablet completed all its updates.

6)The speaker volume is not very good. I had to turn the volume up to max and the voice is distorted. I can not understand what the lady is saying most of the time.

7)Screen brightness and glare was actually very good. Better than my TND 520, so I was happy with that.

8)I have always been an Android geek. I am very disappointed with the operating system of this cheap China Tablet, and wish they would have partnered with Samsung for the hardware. It comes with a lot of “Bloatware” type stuff that I would never use. There is not an easy way to download new apps from the Play store, which was very annoying. I went to Google Play website to try and download some apps, and it was a big pain.

9)The Android version is 4.4.2 Kit-Kat which is way behind the current 7.0 Nougat. There is no option to update the Android OS from 4.4.2, which is very outdated.

10) I love the Rand McNally features and the Truck routing software. This is probably because I have been using Rand McNally units for 10 years now. My big complaint with this Tablet unit is that Rand McNally hasn’t added any major features since my TND 520 which is 3 years old. Other than that it worked just like my old unit and was adequate.

In the end I will return this unit within the 10 day return policy to get my money back. The tablet just doesn’t perform any better than my 3 year old standalone GPS, and doesn’t have any remarkable feature upgrades. I would not be happy using the device as a tablet just because it is so slow and antiquated. I didn’t like the dash cam feature because of where the unit would need to mount to use the dash cam effectively. I like the idea of a more accurate GPS antenna, but am not 100% sure it is necessary.

If Rand McNally ever sold the truck routing software as an app, I would definitely buy that. I just would want a more powerful tablet device where I can control the apps, features and updates the way I want to.

Posted by Kip

  • 1/5

If you are on the market for these tablet make a U turn and ran away from it. Bottom line it’s not worth your investment. Get something else.

Posted by Galen Zortman

  • 1/5

Waste of $500.00. Please do not buy this piece of crap.
1) First day, fell off of mount and landed on floor. Magnet idea us stupid.
2) USB charger system is very poorly designed and won’t charge the unit.
3) The WIFI features for weather and traffic suck.
4) It is hard to update the system. Last time I updated the system (2 days ago) it left out North Carolina, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. The maps were not there.
5) The gps will take you down no truck routes regardless of where you want to go.
6) My gps constantly states that the GPS isn’t working and you have to wait or cancel.
7)The on duty timer for log books sucks and is not accurate.
8) A lot of the programs dealing with trucks are basically worthless and are bloatware.
They are the most useless bunch of idiots that I have tried to work with. I rather had Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder work on my unit.
10) Rand Mcnally should stick to making maps and nothing else.

Posted by Super Trucker


Bought the 80 and the 8 pro,,, The 80 won’t keep a charge so have to run directly to tablet instead of the dock. Software won’t update to show toll cost differences. Need wifi hotspot to get weather and traffic update.

The Pro is slightly Sharper looking graphics. With satellite radio other than offering hands free texted and phone calls I already have on my phone not much better than 80.

Hands down better buy is the TND80 over the 8 pro.

I will buy Garmin product next time to compare the differences.

Posted by Wim VDM

  • 1/5

Second time this year I had to send this Chinese piece of crap back to ER! Even had to pay 43 CAD to get it in KY!
This time it froze while updating and repair is now taking + 13 working days! In that time man can go to China, get me a new over expensive tablet and deliver it in Quebec. BTW it even gets lost on the Trans Canada Highway. Just saying…
What a waste of money! My 5 year old Garmin is driving me around.

Posted by Rob Sharpe

  • 1/5

The mapping software is fine I guess. However, this tablet is god awful. I’ve had this thing for less than a year. It has had to have the GPS function completely rebuilt twice. Now it doesn’t want to connect to wifi anywhere. Guess what…you can only update the maps through wifi! Buyer beware. I have a friend that has bought the new Overdryve. According to him it’s just as bad as this one. Said he wished he had listened to me when I told him not to buy one. Whenever I see someone looking at one in a truck stop I warn them off the Rand McNally

Posted by Ray

  • 1/5

I purchased the tnd 80 tablet about a year ago have had nothing but problems with the unit. Right from day one it would freeze up and stop responding and would have to do a reset of the device. Talked with customer service and was told that it needed to be updated. So the update with no improvement in the operation. Called back many times with the same outcome unit needs to be updated. Now there was a operating system update which it installed a couple days ago was hoping that this would help with the useablility and reliablitity of the unit but it has gotten worse now the gps software will not even start up just get error message that truck gos is not responding asking if I want to wait or close it. Still no help from the Rand McNally customer service department.

Posted by lilone


DO NOT BUY THE Rand McNally tablets. Here’s why: I recently bought the new OverDryve 8 about 3 weeks ago. First off. The only way you get 3 free months of Sirius xm is if you buy 3 months at around 23.00 each totaling another 70.00 after spending 660.00 for the tablet. Every week it has frozen up on me while driving once or twice. Besides that the mount brackets have broken off ….I guess from the truck bouncing as I drive. So now it just lays up against thefront of the mount with NO support. Only 3 weeks. It has often not been able to read the roads I’m on KY for one reads no gps signal. Not to mention the 20.00 monthly charge to run the eld for logs.
The only reason I bought a new one is because I had the 7in Rand McNally tablet I got 2 years ago for 550.00 within the first year the whole left side stopped responding to the touch so when I had to enter numbers in….I couldn’t. Nor could I search states with a’s s’s d’s and anything else. Hope this saves everyone else
Good Luck and Be Safe!



i was going to buy the pro 8 but there more bad view than good view so i will save myself having the problems thanks for the view. the bad out number the good.

Posted by Isiah


So, My first problem with my Rand McNally happened while I was on I80. The screen started blinking (going from a black screen to my map) rapidly! I had No clue as yo what the issue could be. After reading some reviews about the tablets charging issue, I learned my tablet was no longer getting the power it needed-which was nuts to me because I was using the same charger for weeks and it was charging just fine. So then I used a small inverter that pushes out 120w and that seems to have fixed that issue.

My second problem with the tablet is that the screen went all black after turning the brightness down. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get my screen to brighten up again?

Posted by Glen Scarborough

  • 1/5

Junk. Bought the day it was released. Windshield mount to sat radio based tabs broke in less than 2 weeks. Warranty replaced with exact same poor mount.

GPS location frequently goes to search mode for extended periods of time

Frequently the tablet locks up

Dash cam is a bad joke. It’s just a manual video recorder

Can’t even use satellite radio anymore because after 6 months the battery will only last about 5 hours before shutting off. Tech support has told me it does use power faster than it charges. I have almost all extra functions turned off. No WiFi. No bluetooth. No sat radio. At this point it isn’t even a good nav sys due to short battery life.

You can’t click points of interest at all on the map. Just pretty icons to look at.

Changes in the recommended route can only be done using multiple detours utill it will finally go the route you want.

Honestly it’s a boat anchor. Save a lot of money and buy their older 700 series instead. I have used one of them for 3 years with no issue.

Oh and if you have the tablet don’t plan to use it freely on the web. You are pretty much locked in to the only application store they approve and it’s not very good.

Not that using as a tablet is really an option. It can only be charged if on the base. No port to charge it via USB or any other means on the tablet.

But then again tech support did tell me to help make the battery last all day (which it doesn’t ) to turn it off during 10 hour breaks to allow full charge. Hmm. Not much use for team drivers

I’m very disappointed in the product and hope I have given enough information to discourage anyone else from buying one.

Posted by Herman

  • 1/5

This is a worthless tool, and rand’s customer service sucks on all levels.
Quick overview (I used it in the States as well as in Canada)
-it still looses location:
on I-57, I-55 and I-24 in IL
on I-29 in IA, SD
on Highway 281 en 52 in SD and ND
on Highways 1,2,3 and 39 in Canada

Once it looses it’s location, I get useless warnings as in:
-speed violations
-enter the interstate
-warns for non-existing intersection
-please proceed to highlighted route
-truck access not allowed or not advised

The truck icon as well as the whole map display turns around like crazy, making the GPS useless.

When entering Canada, it almost constantly and regularly freezes the screen, rendering the device useless.

And very often the GPS gave wrong information:
-on turns, intersections, for instance in Edgely on the 281 Northbound
-wrong directions to HW12 in NE
-on speed (lot’s of them are not updated – while Garmin’s are up to par)
-warns for a non-existing dirt road
-on a parking, the GPS recommends a u-turn, while the interstate entry is right in front

On top of these problems, I know the sound is terrible, compared to my Garmin. I used an external speaker system to make it worth the while.
I noticed lately that the tablet looses the volume, and that I have to crank up the volume everytime after switching the device off and on.

Also recently, I noticed that movies from the dashcam are lost on my USB device, leaving a gap in the movies. So as an example I have movies from the beginning of the day, and of the end of the day, many movies in between were lost….
I even had the dashcan program freeze on more then one occasion.

Also: when checking and/or trying to update/correct the setup, now “Unfortunately RM services has stopped”, while on a stable Wifi and on grid power.

Posted by John R

  • 2/5

Polished Garbage
Worked fairly well for a while.
Pros: Large display, customization for vehicle info and Icon. Doubles as a tablet, wifi updates, traffic and weather info.

Cons: Slow and glitchy! If the maps are out of date, the routes provided are ludicrous. I have to press the reset pin hole frequently. The charger that comes with it doesn’t upkeep the charge while in use, so I had to buy an aftermarket charger. The charging, magnetic blade does NOT work. RM replaced it… No change.

I would not recommend this to a friend. Next GPS will be a Garmin

Posted by Allan pebesma

  • 2/5

Looks like software is based on windows 3.1
Takes you the long way even on truck routes.
I wouldn’t buy another one till then fix all the bugs and update the software….hard to read

Posted by Geoffrey Schneider

  • 1/5

Do not waste your money! Should’ve took right back in store for refund the day I bought it. I installed in truck and had to call in to get my 3 months free sirius trial and the lady said they had never heard of this offer! Same issues as previous posts – terrible battery life, it shuts off by itself, the sirius part of it plays and stops on its own! GPS constantly quits!! NOT HAPPY! Should’ve known, I had several 520s before with the same issue.

Posted by Mehmet Aksel

  • 1/5

Even my REPLACEMENT they gave me doesn’t work properly. I have to physically warp the screen to get it to work again. Junk!
As well Bluetooth is an out of date version.
They should never have used an HP platform.
I shouldn’t have to tell RM to make these units robustly.
My Samsung S2 tab I used longer than the TND 80 sits on my dash and operates as my nav unit as well has never let me down and I paid the same money for it. Try to explain that RM

Posted by KB

  • 1/5

PIECE. OF. CRAP. When it works (which is rarely) it’s not bad but it RARELY works. It won’t hold a charge even when plugged in and the only warning you get that it’s not charging is when the screen starts flickering 3 seconds before it shuts off. Rand McNally really should’ve spent the money to go with a legitimate tablet to slap their name on rather than this paperweight I was sold.

Posted by Kevin

  • 1/5

Complete garbage. I’m now on my fourth RM device and not a single one has lasted 12 months without an issue requiring a return to RM for repairs. I’m seriously disappointed that Rand McNally is selling such junk and after your 1 year warranty is up, prepare to pay constantly for repairs. I’ll never buy anything else from Rand McNally. Pathetic.

Posted by Wim VDM


During the waranty this expensive Chinese piece of crap has been 3 months (!!) in Kentucky for repair!
Every new update brings in a new problem! This time, the “Truck GPS” doesn’t start up (even after Reset or GPS Repair) so it’s the end of the story.

Welcome back Garmin !

Posted by Chris


I recently bought a tablet 80. The first couple of days I thought it was the best device I ever had, I loved it. On my second trip out, which was a lot longer time on the road,it wouldn’t hold a charge and would start blinking real fast and shut down. Maybe stay on for 2 to 3 hours, or maybe for 15 minutes. I’m a dumbass! I didn’t know that you have to plug it in at the cradle. It should be the first bit of info in the quick start manual! I have a 4 way 12 volt plugin and used that for my charger. The tablet used more power than this would supply. I than plugged in the wall charger to my power inverter and my tablet has been at 100% ever since. Works better than great. I hope that someone reads this and gets satisfying results, I was ready to throw the tablet off the nearest over pass. Hope this helps someone.

Posted by Teddy berryhill.


I’ve had this TND 8inch, not too many issues. A couple times it lost the GPS signal for long periods that’s why I have my trusted Garmin. As for the mount – it needs improvement for sure. I’ve superglued the suction cup to the flat part of the dash, the display sits on the dash, no vibrating.

Posted by Zbigniew Loboda

  • 1/5

It is done by substandard programmers.

It will stop working when you need it most.

The routing algorithm does not work properly.

If you hit Chicago, or New York, it will route you through back street, and will gets you in places from which you have to back up for many blocks.

It cannot even find a route to rest area.

Address database is incomplete.

It switches settings by itself.

It is difficult to connect to Bluetooth.

The web browser doesn’t work properly.

First update took 45 GB. That’s right – 45 Gigabytes. I left it to update for the night, and only because I have unlimited internet access on my phone, I didn’t go broke. I couldn’t believe my phone access data meter, but I also sniff my traffic with my laptop running Ubuntu 18.04 STL, and I log my traffic. That is why I know this for sure. It cannot update the system bypassing intermediate systems, but it updates one, after another.

It shuts down, and only way to start it up again is to disconnect it from power.

Posted by Cannonball Express


We used the Rand McNally ELDs and they did not work. We had multiple issues where drivers had to revert to paper logs or were not able to transmit the logs to the DOT, forcing our drivers to be cited. Now Rand McNally wants over 60k to get out of a contract they violated by failing to provide good service.

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