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Rand McNally TND 530 Review

Overall Rating
Rand McNally TND 530 has an average rating of 2.14 out of 5 based on 14 user reviews.


Vendor Price
Walmart $329.99

Rand McNally TND 530 comes equipped with software updates and user interfaces that will make your truck driving more efficient and it’s faster than its predecessors at processing all of the information.

In-Route Features

After you program your route, the TND 530 will calculate all of the toll costs on your routes along with project gas prices, road construction, and travel time. It will also give you the option comparing the toll costs of other routes. There are also exporting features for each state/province mileage for empty and loaded trailers, and calculators that will project your total expected profit, percentage of your load, and estimated fuel efficiency.

There are also warnings to alert you to speed limit changes, inclines and declines, sharp turns, time zones changes, road construction, truck stops, weigh stations, and rest areas. The TND 530 will provide multi-stop information along your route, including step-by-step details for each leg of your journey. These legs can also be user modified within the journey, that way you can alter part of your route while keeping the other legs that work for you. In case you’re the type of person that likes to plan your own routes instead of relying solely on GPS to plan it for you, the TND 530 provides you with the option of designing your routes on a computer and then downloading them to your GPS unit.

3D Junction View

Before, when you were coming up to a junction, the previous versions of the unit would only display the junction signs in two-dimensional format. Now, if you’re driving with the GPS in 3D mode, it will provide you with those junction signs as you might see them on the road. The updated features include up to 10 new signs for display, and the GPS will also give you advice on which lane you’ll want to be in for those junctions.

Redesigned Graphics

The TDN 530 also comes with a handful of other nifty bells and whistles. Rand McNally added redesigned graphics and two new modes — ice and carbon — to go along with the standard viewing. The idea is that ice is better for viewing at night and carbon is better at viewing during the day. New colors have been added to separate different buildings, such as shopping centers and military bases. Additionally, colored sections will highlight roads and areas you might want to avoid while driving. You can get a great deal on Rand McNally TND 530 here.

 Garmin dezl 560LMTRand McNally TND 530Cobra 6500
Screen Size5 inch5 inch5 inch
Screen Resolution480 x 272 pixels640 x 480 pixels800 x 480 pixels
Live Traffic UpdatesYesRequires SubscriptionYes
Free Lifetime Map UpdatesYesYesYes
Lane GuidanceYesYesYes
Junction ViewYesYesYes

POI Search

Another neat bonus is the ability to search for points of interest along the route, such as diners, restaurants, shopping outlets, rest stops, and gas stations. You can also select between specific stores. So, if you have a company card with a specific chain of gas station or truck stop, you can search for only those locations along your route.

Address Book

Along with narrowing your searches to just one chain of a business, you can also sort your address book by specific types of contacts, such as individual or business. If you’re a route representative, or visit a lot of different places throughout the month, Rand McNally added a contact search features that will help you locate your desired individual or business quicker. You can also sort by distance.

Additional Features

To finish everything off, the TND 530 also include a new voice, Claudia, to go along with Samantha and Tom. There’s a button to the left side of the screen that, when tapped, clears the display screen of all buttons, giving it a cleaner, less cluttered, look. The Hours of Service (HOS) can also be deactivated in case you don’t need it. The unit also comes with a new rugged design that will keep it safe from tumbles and falls. Upgraded speakers will help you hear directions over the hum of the engine. And there’s now a slot video input from your backup camera to display directly on the screen.

User Reviews

Posted by runflat

  • 5/5

This unit has many features that I didn’t have in my old Garmin Nuvi – it gives you speed, expected time of arrival, distance from state line, posted speed limit, lane guidance. You can also get weather forecasts when you tether your smartphone. It’s not 100% accurate but no GPS out there is perfect.

Posted by MN Driver

  • 4/5

It’s a solid GPS but like every GPS out there it has bugs in the software. It once took me on a bridge with 10 ton limit even though I had my configuration set to 40 ton. The unit has great screen and a lot of features but remember to verify the route before you start, you can’t trust it 100%.

Posted by Mark with red dog transit

  • 1/5

do not waste your money this unit has had nothing but problem after problem after problem application errors every time it’s turned on the service techs are smug and I’m sympathetic to your problems I’ve been on the phone with them twice have ran numerous diagnostics and are still having the same problem might make a good paper weight very unhappy

Posted by Izzy landau

  • 1/5

I bought a Rand Mcnally Tnd530 and have had nothing but issues from day 1, the Gps keeps freezing up and giving error messages, I’ve contacted Rand mcnally numerous times, and it’s a widespread software problem on all these gps units, they don’t have a fix for it yet they are still selling them and stealing our money while selling a defective product. Shop somewhere else and save your money and aggravation.

Posted by scott lakin

  • 5/5

I looked over reviews for the TND 530 and was surprised to see some negative ones. Let me tell you, they did bother reading the instructions. You have to link this GPS to your home computer, get the updates, and register it. Don’t try to do it over Wi-Fi at some truck stop. Just follow the steps and it works GREAT. I haul all over the country and this GPS hasn’t let me down yet. Set it up right and it won’t fail – I love this GPS and it goes with me everywhere.

Posted by terry kemp

  • 1/5

Do not buy the rand mcnally. Its a piece of junk…..i knew i should have bought the garmin.

Posted by A Cunningham

  • 1/5

1. The unit recalculates for no apparent reason.
2. Takes up to 5 minutes to acquire a GPS signal after power up.
3. It freezes up and the windows error message appears regularly.
4. My pet peave, goes a long way out of route for some of my tripsand I have to put places I know as a way point to get my route more direct.
5. Will not recommend or purchase this model of GPS.

Posted by Carolina Consumer

  • 5/5

The TND 530 is exactly what I wanted in my truck. For commercial haulers, the height warning alerts alone justify the price. The mount is well-designed and doesn’t come loose like some other GPS units I’ve tried. It has a lot of good features like the search addresses by zip code function. I use it every day and find nothing to complain about.

Posted by Buzzingb

  • 1/5

This GPS is no good even for cars. It will turn you down a pig trail and routes you wrong almost every time. Don’t waste your money.

Posted by The Rage

  • 1/5

I echo all the complaints that you’ve previously read. It is contantly giving errors and refuses to update. Only positive thing is that I got it used for 40 bux at a pawn shop. Otherwise, I’d be BEYOND PO’ed if I’d paid the outrageous 299.99 list price.

My 60 buck MetroPCS LG Aristo smart phone running Nougat 7.0 and using mobile data is 100 per cent more accurate running Google Maps.

Oh yea, don’t try to get Rand McNally for online chat after 5pm est. Not there…They don’t (obviously) care.

5th attempt to upgrade year old maps today. Keeps giving “download failed” on the most stable of connections.


Posted by Jeremy reiter


The rand McNally tnd 530 is the biggest piece of junk I ever purchased. I have had nothing but problems since the day I bought it. No matter how many times I update it there are always places it can’t find and now it just turns off for no reason even when it’s plugged in. I will never buy another gps from Rand McNally ever again. I would never recommend any of their products to anyone it’s not worth the trouble.

Posted by William Finney

  • 1/5

I would not recomend the Rand McNally TND 530 . I’ve had mine for about one year . I have never liked the way it reroutes(very slowly), and Ive had numerous occaisions when it took me far out of route to destination. Recently I’ve had problems with the connector for the power cable . And, now it won’t charge at all. I’m very dissapointed in this expensive device. I would’ve given it at least a two star rating had it not stopped working completely after a year.

Posted by Wojciech Potrykus

  • 1/5

Complete waste of money. Worst routing of any GPS I have ever used. Terrible recalculations. Constant glitches. Total pile of garbage.

Posted by Vicky

  • 1/5

I purchased a GPS for my daughter who is a truck driver on Dec. 12th to given to her at Christmas. I purchased through Walmart and then a third party vendor My Goods. She took it on the road with her in January and used it but when she needed to recharge it, she discovered the metal piece inside the charging port was missing. Because she was on the road, she could not return it to me until the end of January when I started this nightmare of trying to exchange it. I went back to the walmart website and saw that in order to return I had to go through the third party My Goods and a phone number was provided. I tried contacting the number several times listening to the “someone will be with you in a minute” for over an hour each time i tried to call. I finally contacted them by email and received an email back a couple days later saying that since it had been over 30 days, they would not do anything. Doesn’t make sense because I purchased for Christmas. Anyways, I tried contacting Walmart through chat and who did connect me with My Goods and, who again, refused to do anything and said I needed to use the 1 year warranty with Rand McNally. I tried contacting Rand McNally several times at every customer service number I could find and even the Fleet Sales number and never talked to anyone being on calls over an hour. I sent them an email and did get a response to contact the customer service number which they never answered., I emailed again and said not to send me another number but to send me the instructions for getting “this piece of crap repaired”. They emailed me back and said that since I purchased through Walmart, they would not honor the warranty and it would cost me $99.00 plus shipping to get it fixed. At this point I am very upset and replied to them forget you and your company. Their reply back was “Alrighty, well if you change your mind about a repair, let us know! :)”. This GPS was $200.00+ and this is the customer service they have. I hope they go out of business. Luckily I contacted Walmart again and told them what had happened and WALMART refunded my money. I love Walmart because they stand behind their products and returns are easy. I will never buy through a third party vendor and I will never buy another Rand McNally product. Please stand with me and boycott them

Posted by Dave Berkovits


TND530 is an absolute piece of GARBAGE. What it calls the fastest route can sometimes be a U.S highway with lot’s of small towns. Will take you down roads and into areas trucks are not supposed to go with it set for truck setting. I am about ready to throw mine out.

Posted by Dewey


Nothing but error after error got on computer at home tried to update it says not enough memory to update won’t even come on in truck gives error after about an hour when it does come on JUNK

Posted by ALFREDO


When I downloaded the most recent map update, I was continually told that there was no legal route available, so I deleted the map update and now even though it tells me that I have the most recent maps, it makes me go around streets that were already built More than 5 years ago, I have tried to download a current map update and it tells me that I have the most recent maps, this gps is a piece of trash, also makes me go around streets that are perfectly legal, and has taken me through streets where the weight exceeds the legal limit

Posted by DC

  • 2/5

Software is great, hardware is junk. Absolute f8cking junk.
I’ve had 4 or 5 of these, sometimes resorting to ‘creative’ means
to get an exchange – refund on one after it died. It’s not just that they fail, it’s the infuriatingly stupid way they fail. Usually goes something like this. After a few months, GPS will start turning itself off for no reason while plugged in. Power button won’t turn it back on unless you disconnect plug. Then it fires right up, but low battery light comes on so you plug it back in…it immediately crashes. The act of plugging it in kills it.
Other things that will make it crash are the voice coming on, a bump in the road, a black cat crossing your path etc. Sometimes you can get it to stay on for a bit if you push the power connecter in to just the precise point…not all the way in..it’ll immediately crash, not too far out because it will fall out at the first mild bump. So this is what you’re doing as you roll down the highway…fiddling with your GPS power cord trying to hit the sweet spot where it stays on…for twenty minutes…. then it crashes for the 23rd time that day.

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