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WorldNav 7400 Review

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WorldNav 7400 has an average rating of 2 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.


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The WorldNav 7400 features a large, bright 7 inch touchscreen, which is easy to read in the truck cab. The unit support 3 different languages; and allows you to work in both imperial and metric measurements for those driving in both the U.S. and Canada.


Designed specifically for truck drivers, the 7400 provides the following features:

  • 9 Hazmat rating levels that will help create the route that avoids tunnels and avoids Hazmat restricted areas. For drivers hauling Hazmat rated loads, this feature will pay for the GPS unit in time saved alone.


  • Turn by Turn Voice Directions give audio direction to the driver’s destination. The WorldNav 7400 is designed for truck drivers so the voice directions give the driver plenty of warning for upcoming turns and will even provide lane advice.
  • Over 12 million Points of Interest for truck driving are included in the software. Points include: trucks stops, rest areas, parking, distribution centers, weight scales. The included points of interest make it easy for the driver to find the services he needs. The points of interest database will make the WorldNav a truck driver’s best friend, locating places to rest, fuel up and eat.
  • Showing Restricted Roads Roads are color coded, making it easy to determine the best route and what routes you need to or should try to avoid. When your system is in the Map mode you will see your road types with the colors listed below:
    • Gray = Residential
    • Yellow = County or state
    • Orange = Highway
    • Green = State Preferred Truck Route
    • Pink = Truck Restricted Roads
  • Setting Truck Dimensions – The unit will determine a route based on the driver’s selection of shortest or fastest route, planning the trip to make sure only roads open to trucks will be used. After the height, length and weight of the truck are entered, the WorldNav 7400 can plan routes to avoid obstacles like low bridges and weight restricted roads.
  • Know Before You Go feature checks the planned route before departing so the truck driver can make any necessary adjustments to the travel plan.
  • Detour feature allows the driver to select up to a 5 mile portion of road to avoid and the unit will calculate and display a detour route.
  • Extra-Loud Speakers allow the unit to be easily heard in a noisy truck cab. As an alternative, the sound can be routed through the truck’s radio or to a bluetooth cellphone receiver.
  • Media Player will play uploaded music, books and videos.
  • Tire Air Pressure Monitor is available with an optional tire pressure starter kit.
  • Back-up camera support – If the truck has a rear view camera, the 7400 will automatically sense the camera signal and show the camera view on the screen.

Options and Accessories

Available options and accessories include:

  • Extended warranties of up to three years
  • Spare mount and power accessory kits
  • Travel antenna
  • Anti-glare screen protector and silicone storage case
  • Back-up camera
  • The WorldNav 7400 also offers the option for live tracking from a remote location, such as the trucker’s dispatch office.


The WorldNav 7400 is updated by SD card or over the Internet. A new SD card will arrive in the mail and just needs to be inserted into the WorldNav to update maps and information.

Regular updates give the truck driver peace of mind that the calculated routes are appropriate for commercial trucks and the navigation data will be the most current available. The drivers previously installed routes and points are not lost with an update.


  • Routing for Semi is reliable
  • Lane assist
  • Free Traffic update
  • 3D view of some interchanges


  • Traffic works only in major cities
  • GPS has to be plugged into cigarette lighter
  • Battery lasts only 3 hours without charge


The 7400 is TeleType’s top of the line truck gps and the unit provides an extensive set of useful features. Other GPS companies take their units designed more for car drivers and try to make them work in the truck driving environment. The WorldNav 7400 is designed from the platform up for truck driver use.
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Posted by John Durocher

  • 2/5

This unit has a tendency to lock up. The screen goes black and you have to reset it and then enter the route again, it’s very annoying. It works fine otherwise.

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