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Rand McNally TND 740 Review

Overall Rating
Rand McNally TND 740 has an average rating of 3.41 out of 5 based on 17 user reviews.


Vendor Price
Walmart $499.99
BestBuy $449.99

The Rand McNally TND 740 is a GPS unit designed for use in the commercial trucking industry. As such, it offers processing power, route planning capabilities, and data relevant only to trucks, such as shipping and bridge weight restrictions. Additionally, as Rand McNally has been working with the trucking industry for decades to help develop optimized routes, the Rand McNally TND 740 is engineered to put those years of experience to good use by enabling truckers to find and take the route that is optimal for trucks, taking into account the need to fuel the truck, rest at proper intervals, and avoid certain roadways or hazards. This makes it a powerful companion for truckers who want a simple and dedicated device that is nonetheless very capable, although some may feel that its high price tag is unwarranted on a dedicated unit that cannot perform other functions.

Simple Functionality

The Rand McNally TND 740 is built on the principle of exterior simplicity and interior complexity. The entire device is a single touchscreen with no buttons to press and nothing to install. Its mount has a magnetic hold and release system, making it very easy to remove and store when not in use, as well as eliminating plastic clamps that have a tendency to jam or break over time. It is designed to require as little training to use as possible. All that is really necessary to operate it is to put in a destination and then permit it to calculate the route, although it offers many tools beyond simple navigation. This makes the Rand McNally TND 740 ideal for truckers who are not very tech-savvy or who just don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up or calibrating their new GPS.

Excellent Route Planning Features

However, those who are willing to put in the time to learn the features of the Rand McNally TND 740 will find that it can rapidly pay for itself in terms of time and money saved, thanks to its unique truck-centric software. With access to external wifi, which will need to be provided by the trucker themselves, it is capable of analyzing and displaying local fuel, food, and motel prices, as well as indicate whether or not such places are amenable to truck parking. This not only saves money by enabling truckers to analyze their route and pick their stops in advance, but it also ensures they do not need to change their plans just because they can’t get their truck into a planned stop.


Many GPS units offer this, though, and even phone-based apps are increasingly including similar functionalities. As such, Rand McNally has worked to ensure the Rand McNally TND 740 is superior by enabling it to log data from any Rand McNally compatible ELD device. This makes it an invaluable tool for independent operators looking to analyze and minimize their costs as well as for fleet owners who want to get metrics on what their trucks are really doing. Logs for up to six months can be stored and analyzed with onboard metrics, done quickly and efficiently by the onboard software and quad-core processor. This enables even beginning truckers to quickly determine the best way to run their truck to optimize performance and profit.


Constantly Updating Maps

Another modern feature on the Rand McNally TND 740 is constantly updating maps. While a copy of the most recent map is stored on the device, to enable it to function when wifi is not available, this map is updated every time the Rand McNally TND 740 connects back to the home server. This means that even if a road has only been closed for a few hours due to construction or inclement weather, the Rand McNally TND 740 will be aware of this closure and re-route automatically. The map also regularly updates with current traffic conditions and incorporates this into its route, offering new routes if heavy traffic appears even in rural areas. This is particularly useful in the event of bad weather or unexpected road closures, enabling trucks to change routes quickly or take detours as soon as they are routed.

Dynamic Map

Almost all GPS devices currently available can show roads and many can estimate traffic, but the Rand McNally TND 740 has a very powerful ability to display multiple types of information simultaneously. For example, the map can show not only the current chosen route and potential alternatives, along with the traffic for each, but also a display of current weather radar, enabling drivers to accurately predict when they will have to change routes or stop to allow inclement weather to pass. The map offers lane guidance to help prevent trucks from needing to change lanes quickly or squeeze their way into an exit at the last minute. It can even be tasked with showing useful warnings such as impending speed traps, sharp curves, steep hills, or other common hazards.

Strong Overall

Some buyers may feel that the $400 suggested MSRP is rather high for a modern GPS, but that price tag comes due to the amount of truck-specific software on the Rand McNally TND 740, as well as the high-end processor and other hardware running and displaying it. The Rand McNally TND 740 is very easy to use yet offers a lot of very useful information to enable truck drivers to optimize their route, minimize their cost, and make the right decisions repeatedly. As such, it is likely to pay for itself quickly.


  • Very fast processor
  • More than enough memory for all assigned tasks
  • Comes with a large suite of exclusive Rand McNally software
  • Maps update constantly
  • Able to plan complex routes that take food, fuel, and hazards into account


  • Expensive compared to simpler units
  • Requires external WiFi connection for full functionality
  • E-Logging requires Rand McNally proprietary ELD hardware

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User Reviews

Posted by GreyHawkOne

  • 5/5

I’ve used many truck GPS units from many brands and I have to say this one is by far the best. I’d know what quad processor is but that thing makes this unit incredibly fast when compared to older generation Rand McNallys and Garmins. I like several other features that no other truck GPS: the magnetic mount that allows you take the unit without unplugging it (and no problems with plugs falling out when they are not supposed), the search bar that allows to quickly search for destination, updates over wi-fi without the need to connect to a computer, lots of memory that basically eliminates the need to additional cards. Very solid unit.

Posted by Don N.

  • 5/5

Rand McNally got this one right. I’ve had their tablet, that was a disaster, very bad hardware, this GPS on the other had is very well done. I’ve had not problems with the unit freezing, bad routes or display not staying attached to the base which was a constant occurance with the tablet. The display is extremely clear and bright to the point that the default settings are too bright at night but you can very easily adjust brightness. Finally a reliable, complete solution for truck drivers.

Posted by Wanderer

  • 5/5

I’ve had it for a few days now and I’m really impressed. Damn, this thing is fast, my old RN 720 would often freeze and jitter, but the 740 is just smooth and quick. I’m still trying to find any flaws with this unit – first I thought screen brightness was too much at nighttime, it turns out this can be changed, then I didn’t like the display template, it turns out you can change that too and I even found the one I like from the 720. On top of that this unit is ELD complaint.

Posted by Jody

  • 3/5

The GPS itself is AWESOME the magnetic mount is the WORST thing I’ve ever had falls off over every other bump and I drive a 2017 Tractor so it rides pretty smooth been calking for over a month they keep telling me they are waiting on a stronger bracket to come in. Then why are they still selling weak models ? I think they’re just telling me that to keep me happy for the moment.

Posted by Damond Horner

  • 3/5

I was very close to buying a Garmin next, only because they’re in the business of GPS, where as Rand McNally, makes maps. The first thing I noticed is the display read, “Android is starting”. I think this is a good sign going forward, as the previous models were built on a horrible platform, that was always having issues. I’m hoping this will remedy that. The rest of the unit, is straight forward, with a few changes, some for the better, some not so much. It’s difficult to compare fastest and shortest routes, which you could in prior models… Perhaps I’ll find an easier way to make quick changes.
The magnetic mount, I have a feeling will be problematic, it’s fallen off at least 3 times, in just over a week.
If I were basing this review on stars, right now I’d go 3 out of 5… I think the jury’s still out on whether this is going to be a good unit or not.

Posted by M. Mitchem

  • 3/5

This unit is great except for it falling off of the mount. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent that from happening.

Posted by Jeff Richarme

  • 5/5

I’ve had the 740 for about 6 months. Does everything it’s supposed to. Magnetic mount is a small issue. Very convenient but you will need to mount it low against the dash. I just folded a small piece of paper towel and set it between the unit and the dash to absorb vibration. Problem solved.

Posted by R Reinoehl

  • 1/5

Started out very good. After a large update it turned to junk.
This is my second and supposedly upgrade unit from Rand McNally.
The 740 is lock on the home screen. Cannot start gps. Called customer service. Even though the unit is not out very long less than the warranty period. The service rep. says no RMA with out paid receipt.
Very disappointed, went out and bought a Garmin 770 dezl hoping for better luck. Garmin seams to be better built.

One star for very poor service on 740.


  • 1/5

March 3, 2018 of this year purchased the RM TND 70 RV version upgrading from their older model. What I like was their built in Dash Cam. Meaning NO more additional camera on the window.
Came straight out of Camping World, updated everything and was driving. Everything working great, was excited. Turned on the Dash Cam and it started Auto focusing. This went on for the entire trip home. The camera works and takes greats photo’s. Dash Cam is not so good. In lue of it I mounted as a back up, video camera. Thinking maybe I needed an update.
After speaking with Rand McNally, their advice was to due a RESET. I did that, still after 2 months still the same problem.
This time I contacted Camping World. We decided maybe it was a bad unit. Exchanged it for a new unit. Once again, still the same problems. My only issue is with the Dash Cam. Either they fix it or discontinue it until it is continuously stable and not ALWAYS AUTO FOCUSING. I bought a GiiNii GD-188X for my wife’s truck. IT WORKS!! My Sony Cam Corder, It WORKS. RAND MCNALLY TND 70 DASH CAN. Failure.

Posted by SB

  • 5/5

I am a big fan of the Rand McNally GPS devices, and the 740 is my third upgrade. The device responds quickly, and the display is unimaginably clear. I appreciate the fact that I can choose from more than one route, which makes my job that much easier. The latest version comes with more memory and storage. But you can use a micro SD card if needed.

The GPS function is impressive and includes a search bar function that allows you to simply enter the address you need to locate. I can easily find everything from rest areas and restaurants to CAT scales and mechanics along with retail stores. The device also provides bridge and road restrictions and other vital information found on the trucking maps made by Rand McNally.

I’m also impressed that the Rand McNally continues functioning even if I am traveling on rough roads. At the end of the day, I can remove the device from the mount without having to mess with power cords or other cables.

Posted by Jstew

  • 5/5

The amount of data stored on the Rand is vast. I like the fact that the truck stop information does not only include your typical list of popular chains. If you happen to find a spot you like that is not listed, simply add it to the unit. The Fuelbook and MyDat functions help me save money on fuel along the way. These functions alone make the Rand 740 worth the money.

My only suggestion is to have the distance to destination, time to destination, elevation and other pertinent information displayed simultaneously. As of now, the Rand only displays one option at a time.

Posted by Vladi


May be you will get lucky. What you need to know. Tnd740 doesnt have power loss and no low battery indicator. Magnetic mount is big problem, and when connection with mount lost you are completly unaware till battery runs flat and device powers itself off with no warning. Battery life about 9 min when fully charged. I got this unit last summer and it went dead after 1 year. Now I need to send it back for repairs. No bias no bull. Their old TND 510 was much more reliable. Vlad

Posted by Scott Baker


This is the fourth TND GPS for truckers that I have purchased and I am thinking of switching to another brand. Each of my GPS units quit working the same way-the screen goes blank and I cannot get it to come back on. On this version, I don’t even have a reset button. When this version quit, it has a message that states that the TND Launcher quit working. I really love the GPS when they work, but, I believe it should last longer than 2 years or so, considering how much they cost. If you buy one make sure you purchase the extended warranty because you will probably need it.

Posted by Mary Simms


The unit does NOT stay on the base. For me, this is an big problem. I fear the unit will break soon . chasing a GPS around a truck when trying to get to a location is crazy.

Posted by Edward Bustamante

  • 2/5

I’m on my 3rd Rand McNally GPS and though they are very useful and have great features, they get zero stars for longevity. My 730 & 740 only lasted about 1.5 years each. My TND 530 lasted just over two years. As far as features are concerned, they are the best but you have to be prepared to buy a new one every year because they quickly lose their ability to receive signal from gps satellites!

Posted by Greg Bolinger


This is my second Rand McNally. My first one was the 730 3.5 years ago. I didn’t like it. It was always sending me in the wrong direction. I have been running the Garmin for the last 1.5 years. Decided to try the Rand McNally TND 740 because of some of the functions that Garmin does not have. Biggest mistake of my life. It sends me on dirt roads, has me making U turns, tells me to take an exit and then tells me I’m going the wrong way. When in 3D mode, I get green lines across the screen that almost obliterates the map. I’ve also had to reset it three times due to freezing up. I have had it for 30 days and cannot even return it. I do not recommend this product to anyone and I will own another one again. Waste of money.

Posted by Melinda Ownbey

  • 3/5

I can not believe that you can not download mileage and fuel for IFTA reports!!! What is the deal??? Support is telling me to transfer the data to an older unit and then download. How is everyone else doing their IFTA? I am having to pull it off State by State for mileage and fuel. I have a truck running the TND730 and you just plug and pull. That is why we upgraded the other truck to TND 740 thinking the 730 was easy so we would upgrade to 740 for better features when we needed to replace the one it that truck.

Posted by D.J Dillard

  • 5/5

It provides many features that Garmin doesn’t have. It does updates over wifi which means my maps are always upto date, my older would never get updated. It provides onboard ELD if you need that. Much better design than 740, the power cord no longer gets loose.

Posted by Eddie

  • 5/5

It does everything I need it to do. It’s able to find all locations, I can even type in latitude and longitude. It’s able to find all trucks stops along the route. It calculates the mileage correctly, warns about restricted roads, low bridges, bad weather. It collects logs and I can download them over wifi.

Posted by Ric Pickwick


1 out 5 They didn’t do there research before it went to market. 80,000 lb Tractor trailer , speed bump at 3 miles per hour the magnets don’t keep the unit together, loose it on the floor. They have replaced the charge cord,the plastic locks, they fell apart in the first three weeks. They have had the “Slice” for about two months and they won’t tell me when I’m getting the revised Slice sent to me. I drive every night to new locations, yes I have to use the road map. I keep telling them they need to build it like Qualcomm, sturdy as all get out!!! This thing is made in China and very fragile, You spend a lot of money and you want a very good product, This is not it. I have to buy a Garmin now and wait. It’s still under warranty and they won’t take it back? I want a 8” screen, I don’t care about music. To many crazy things on the road going on ,need to focus on what’s going on around you, not singing and not being focused on driving the tractor trailer.

Posted by Tanner Clark


My first 740 lasted 1.5 years before having issues. It still works as a backup unit but it will randomly “blackout” and erase my route. I just power it back on and reset the route. It will also occasionally freeze in route and need restarted. It’s been worked pretty hard. I can’t really complain about my first 740 much.

My second 740, however, CRASHED after 3 months of use and of course cannot be returned. Unfortunately due to the limited options provided to us lowly simple truckers, and the fact that Garmin has less features, I will be buying ANOTHER 740. If the 3rd one fails early like the second the look for my video on YouTube. I will be feeding it to the landing gear under a loaded Reefer unit.

Posted by DWilson


Had my tnd740 for 1.5 yrs,did good for a while,then went south on me at worst possible time.Sent it in to non warranty repair,another joke,took 4 months,then sent me a refurbished 740 with some other drivers name &zip code,this one doesn’t work at all,you can’t even charge it.I’m done

Posted by Wilfried G.

  • 1/5

Tnd 740 is the Worse truck GPS.
I strongly recommend you to avoid rand Mcnally, especially TND740.
You will have to be repairing it, at least twice a week, during hours and hours.

Posted by Partick Jaconette

  • 1/5

LICK YOUR FINGER AND STICK IT OUT THE WINDOW! That works better than this, can’t tell if it’s day or night, north or south. What time it is within a few hours. No update on earth can cure the stupid. Recommend skipping it across a pod and asking a dog to point! Get there much easier that way! Will pay them to go away!

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