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Rand McNally TND 540 Review

Overall Rating
Rand McNally TND 540 has an average rating of 3.43 out of 5 based on 7 user reviews.

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Walmart $299.99
BestBuy $329.99
TheGPSStore $299.99

The TND 540 GPS navigator is designed to be a very compact, portable, but powerful system for professional truckers and personal vehicles, as well. It features a bright, clear 5″ screen and comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and lifetime map upgrades from the people famous for maps.

It’s been totally redesigned from the previous 530 model with many new features that will make the TND 540 a vital tool for truckers with an often complex job to do. The tech features and menus have not only been streamlined, but the TND 540 includes a more power quad-core processor and double the memory.

It includes seamless live updates to your maps, intuitive icons for recognizing information more easily, and audio capabilities that allow you to route the device output through your truck’s sound system. It’s also Bluetooth-compatible with DC 200 and ELD 50 plug-ins.

The 540 TND includes a range of Wi-Fi services, including:

Weather Updates

You can check on current conditions and forecasts, or choose from among 10 different route overlays that show wind speed and precipitation for the road ahead.

Fuel Costs

This GPS navigator allows you to display local fuel prices on your map, or search and filter by fuel brand, type, or price.

Localized Search

You will easily find local businesses such as banks, shops, restaurants, and more, searchable by keywords or company name.


You can retrieve current updates on local traffic information, whether you’re on a remote company road or downtown in the city.

Route Comparisons

The TND 540 allows you to switch between primary and alternate routes to make comparisons. You’ll be able to search for destinations by zip code, address, or latitude/longitude map coordinates.


With the TND 540, you can activate or deactivate warnings for speed limit changes, dangerous curves, steep declines, and other driving issues. You can also customize these alerts by setting your own preferences and how far ahead of time you’d like to get the alert.

Fuel Logs

The fuel log feature allows you to enter and save all your fuel purchases, by date or by area, and calculate current or average fuel costs whenever you wish.

Junction View

You get 3-D imaging to help you navigate difficult highway interchanges, including a lane assist feature.

Quick Exits

You can also see a list of amenities for upcoming highway exits, including food, showers, fuel, and so on.

Truck Profile

Calculates routes based on the vehicle specs you enter (height, width, length, load).

Route Stops

With the TND 540 you can easily plot in up to 50 stops and review the entire route as you go. You can also create “bread crumb” trails by recording any off-the-path roads you choose to follow.


You can easily view your driving metrics, such as start and stop times, route progress, mileage, topical elevation, and yard time.

Points of Interest

You’ll be able to search and access detailed information on trucker-critical points like weigh stations, truck stops, and service centers.


You also get constant updates on construction work along your route so you can avoid traffic jams or detours.

Spoken Command

You can text, navigate, and take calls all by voice command without taking your hands off the wheel.

Additional Features

This GPS navigator provides standard digital tools like calendars, notepads, and calculators. Yoll be able to predict remaining time and distance on all your routes. The TND 540 also lets you cross-reference Rand McNally’s famous printed Atlas as well as access online help and FAQ sections.


The TND 540 comes with a DriverConnect app that allows you easy integration with a variety of electronic logging devices. You can visit the Rand McNally website for a full list of compatible devices. DriverConnect syncs up automatically with Rand McNally’s web app so you can view and print as much as six month’s worth of your log information, plus view data on vehicle inspections.


  • Uses 1000 mAH lithium ion battery
  • Map coverage of both U.S. and Canada
  • Sleek, modern, low-profile design at only 5.32″ x 3″ x .75″
  • Package weight only 1.7 pounds
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 16GB of data storage space


The TND 540 offers a 5″ LCD display in high resolution. Purchase includes an anti-glare screen and magnetic dashboard mount. There is a night mode for reducing the map brightness when driving in low light to make it easier on the eyes. You can also get after-market adhesive pads, hardware mounts, sunshades, hard travel case, and more.

The Rand McNally TND 540 comes with:

  • Anti-glare screen protector
  • USB vehicle charge cable
  • Suction-cup window mount
  • Quick Start user manual


Rand McNally has been working with the trucking industry for over 70 years. All that time they’ve been collecting feedback from professional truckers to constantly improve the quality of their devices and services. They’ve also been collecting live on-the-road data to provide the tools and functions that you want from a GPS navigation system.

The result is the TND 540, feature-packed to provide a range of cutting-edge technology to assist truckers.

All in all, for a very reasonable price the TND 540 is a reliable and feature-rich accessory that makes all your driving easier. It shows a level of rugged, quality manuacture that you’ll be able to count on for years. You can get a great deal on Rand McNally TND 540 here.


User Reviews

Posted by Eric Messana

  • 5/5

Before I bought this unit I talked to many fellow truckers and the consensus was Rand McNally was the best truck GPS. As a company they have the most experience in the mapping industry and they were the first ones to create a GPS for truck drivers. This unit will show you all the truck stops in the area at a push of a button. No GPS is perfect but this one is as close as it gets.

Posted by Robbie Wilson

  • 5/5

In the 20 years I have been operating as an independent driver, I have kept up with technology pretty well. I went from checking in with dispatch on payphones to a cell phone and now I have a Bluetooth headset and a smart phone. Till now I have been reluctant to use a GPS navigation unit due to the lack of accurate routing information for trucks. When having to plan for height clearances, weight limits, and restricted roads I have always felt safer using a map and calling for directions. After reading up on several models I finally decided to take a chance on the Rand McNally TND 540. I was pleasantly surprised with its abilities. It does well with routing and will get you where you need to go. The fastest route is not always the best route though, and you should always double check the route before heading out. For example, I was hauling hazmat and it routed me through the middle of a city and a bunch of turns. It was a hazmat approved route but the safer and easier option would have been to stay on the interstate and bypass the city then get off at the nearest exit to my drop off. It was just a longer route by like 15 miles. This could probably be fixed by setting up the route preferences to stay on highways when possible. I am glad I decided to get one of these truck GPS units. It is a very handy tool to have as long as you remember it is just a tool and has limitations. If you are aware of its capabilities and limitations you will find this device a great help.

Posted by Finn

  • 5/5

I’ve been driving a truck for 10 years, and some of the places I’ve got to go are hard to find, but the TND 540 gets me there. I drive 100 to 450 miles a day and I find this GPS is very accurate. I use it with the Rand McNally truck atlas and Google Earth, and it’s always a big help in getting me to my next stop. The battery life is not all it could be. But if you’re a truck driver looking for a great GPS, this is what you want.

Posted by Rich Heimlich

  • 5/5

I can definitely recommend the 720 as a GPS made specially for truckers. I like all the things it can do for me. It gives warnings on speed, construction, and low bridges. The sound is loud and easy to understand. The unit doesn’t vibrate but stays in place with just a suction cup windshield holder even on bad roads. The screen is easy to use and read. Just set up the vehicle parameters in the device and it will put you on the right route. I consider this a must-have every time I get in my truck.

Posted by Dr. Love

  • 2/5

This model isn’t as loud as the previous model.

Posted by Ron

  • 1/5

I bought the TND 540, constantly told me it had updates, selected updates and it did nothing. I also took me right to a 13 foot 3 inch overpass, my trailer is 13.6 and was entered in the specs. It told me I needed to scan my device which I did. It then informed me it had 151 bad files. Ask me if I wanted them repaired. I selected yes. It ran for quite awhile, then locked up and never worked again. Needless to say I don’t have it anymore. It was 4 days old

Posted by Mudbogger

  • 1/5

I bought the 540 and really regretted it. On the 3rd hour after turning it on it had software problems and then the pilot wouldn’t take it back after a couple days so I tried to get it repaired. Rand Mcnally has terrible customer service but finally fixed it and when I turned it back on it crashed. I still have it, it dont work. Lost my hard earned money.

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