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Magellan RoadMate 5370T-LMB Review

Overall Rating
Magellan RoadMate 5370T-LMB has an average rating of 1.25 out of 5 based on 4 user reviews.


Vendor Price
Walmart $269.99
TigerDirect $276.99
BestBuy $279.99

Anyone who has driven a commercial truck or vehicle knows that it’s important to have the best navigational tools. Such technology helps drivers find the quickest and safest routes and also offers features to track miles, time, and to offer hands-free communication. The Magellan RoadMate 5370T-LMB is an industry leader that helps professionals manage long drives and crowded highways. This sleekly designed commercial GPS increases productivity.

Commercial Specific Features for Professional Drivers

The Magellan 5370 can customize routes to suit a truck’s dimensions. Truck drivers need to be mindful of their cargo if they are transporting hazardous materials and have to follow specific restrictions. Whenever a driver needs to eat or get gas, the GPS can easily find some of the best options near major highways and cities. For example, one can find out about available hotel or lodging options for upcoming exits.

Accurate Navigation Tools to Improve Efficiency

The model has a Landmark Guidance feature that enables drivers to reach their destinations by marking familiar landmarks. For example, gas stations or easily seen or known locations are highlighted. The Next Turn feature tells drivers which lane to stay in when making a turn. Realistic road displays and signs help commercial truck drivers safely merge and exit during a trip. There are also Traffic Camera Alerts that tell professional drivers about speed cameras and red lights. Lastly, whenever the truck reverses, the GPS will automatically switch so that it is a rear-view monitor. Thus, the driver can easily maneuver into a small parking spot or see what is behind the truck.

Gather Detail Oriented Status Reports and Track Mileage

Drivers can log their hours of service with the 5370. The system also tracks mileage for reimbursement and company policy reasons. Multiple drivers can log in and use the 5370T-LMB’s many features. Professionals can export key information about their trip for their companies, clients, and personal records.

Up to Date Traffic Alerts and Map Updates

Users do not have to worry about outdated maps or traffic jams when they use the RoadMate. The GPS keeps track of road work, traffic jams, accidents, and more. Maps are periodically updated so that drivers have the most current information. The model comes with a lifetime warranty on such updates. Thus, even if the model is bought years ago, it will still have updated maps. This saves people time and money. Drivers can access maps for United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Hands Free Phone Improves Safety

The Magellan RoadMate has a built in Bluetooth feature so drivers can link their smartphone with the model. This means that the unit is transformed into a speaker phone. Drivers can stay safe thanks to this hands free technology. The 5-inch screen of the model is high definition and adjusts so drivers can see it late at night or early in the morning. Street names are clearly announced, and there are accurate and well timed turn-by-turn directions.

The RoadMate 5370 has the latest features to keep drivers safe and improve productivity for professional drivers. The unit’s small design ensures it is not bulky or in the way. Instead, it fits into all environments and is easy to tote from truck to truck. At the start of a trip, drivers can create custom routes for their specific truck. This saves them on gas and time.
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User Reviews

Posted by V L

  • 1/5

I’ve had Cobra and Garmin before, both were useless so I decided to try Magellan. This unit like any other truck GPS can’t tell the difference between a restricted road, such as parkway, and a road were trucks are allowed. If you follow its directions you are sure to hit an overpass. The routing is downright stupid, it will send you on a route that takes an hour longer even if there is a perfectly fine route using local roads. I hate this GPS.

Posted by Carl

  • 1/5

I was unable to register my new 5370T-LBM, Magellan’s webiste stated the SN was previously registered. Live Chat had to register my unit. No manual was available online, Live Chat said the unit new and engineering has not posted any downloads (manual or maps). After charging batter for 6 hours, unit will not turn on. Unsure if it’s operator problem or equipment failure. Magellan has not responded to email and tech help waiting time is just too long.

I’ve always enjoyed Magellan, but selling a new product with no manual or downloads from their website is a ripoff.

Posted by Frank

  • 1/5

This gps is a joke, it crashes when you get close to your destination, you check avoid toll roads, and it sends you right to a toll road, the routes they give you are a big joke, no manual or updates available, time zone does not change automatic either, takes about a month to get a response from so called support, what a waste of money.

Posted by S W

  • 2/5

This unit has it’s good points and it’s bad points.


One touch menu is nice
User friendly
POI can be programmed to only list POI’s along your route, near your destination, current location, and near a specific city.


Unit is crashing frequently
Sign popup for freeways exits and switches blocks most the screen so you can see what way your “green line” goes.
Will tell you to turn one way and the visual alert says the other way.
Does not give you a visual left or right “arrow” for getting onto freeways. It’s just an arrow pointing straight with an line of either side of the arrow. Often the line is on the wrong side.
Will send you the long way around frequently.

Ultimately although I like some of the features I will not buy this unit ever again. Nor will I recommend it.

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