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Garmin dēzlCam 785 Review

Overall Rating
Garmin dēzlCam 785 has an average rating of 2.67 out of 5 based on 6 user reviews.

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BestBuy $499.99
TheGPSStore $499.99

The recently introduced Garmin dezlCam 785 was created with the professional big rig driver in mind. In addition to coming equipped with navigation abilities, the Garmin also features a built-in dash cam to record and store your routes along the way. Loaded with features, the 785 is a valuable tool for truckers to have at their disposal.

Customize Routes

The many navigation tools of dezlCam 785 include the maps that provide detailed notifications and warnings found on major roadways. The much-needed information may include bridge heights, sharp curves and steep curves. Drivers need to simply enter the height, weight, length and width of the vehicle and trailer along with the type of load carried. The unit then provides truckers with the best routes available depending on the size and weight of the truck. In the event that trailer sizes vary, simply modify the settings with a simple push of the button.

When in need of driving directions, the dezlCAM 785 provides verbal instructions through the powerful speakers. The volume ensures directions are clearly heard and understand despite road noise. Drivers also get visual turn-by-turn instructions thanks to the full-color seven-inch display screen.

Plan Breaks

Along each route, the Garmin makes it easy for truckers to locate ATMs, food, fuel, lodging, showers and rest areas. The device is also handy when needing to find a place to park for the night. When unexpected mishaps occur, the Garmin’s truck and trailer service directory contains more than 30,000 locations offering repair services throughout North America. At a glance, truckers also see when service stations remain open after hours.

A convenient log enables users to document service dates and repairs. The log also makes it easy to keep track of a truck’s information including fluid and tire changes, tire pressure and mileage.

Wi-Fi Equipped

Keeping maps and Garmin software up to date is easy thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi. Truckers automatically receive notifications when updates become available. Merely use the controls on the Wi-Fi screen and get the upgrades needed to ensure the dezlCam provides the latest available information.

Bluetooth Capable

Link a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device to the Garmin and enjoy hands-free calling via the incorporated microphone and speakers. Truckers may also receive notifications of incoming calls, texts, app alerts and other information.

Dash Cam Benefits

The dezlCam 785 continually records and stores information pertaining to the travel route. Use the GPS overlay to monitor date, time and speed. The cam is an easy way to verify information when collisions or other situations occur. The data can then be downloaded to a mobile device to review or share the footage. The camera is also easily removed from the mount when needing to take still images.

In addition to recording travel time, sensors in the dash cam provide drivers with forward collision and lane departure warnings via audio and visual alerts.

Fleet Monitoring

The Garmin additionally comes equipped with a truck monitoring system that enables fleet owners and operators the convenience of easily tracking vehicles. Send text messages or other communications when needed to provide delivery addresses or other notifications. You can get a great deal on Garmin dēzlCam 785 here.


User Reviews

Posted by S.A. Palmer

  • 3/5

For starters, the Garmin Express and update software took a couple of reboots on my PC before it would finish installing. Then when I added the camera, it had to reboot a few more times.

I didn’t get into screen saver mode as expected, so some directions were lost. It would also be nice if they came up with a flexible cigarette lighter plug so the unit didn’t stick out so far. Some of the submenus don’t seem right, for instance screen saver mode is under Display rather than Battery. Also when sorting gas stations, you have to go into Trucks, Truckstops, or Maintenance. My expectation was that you could simply go to Gas and they’d list the stations, but no…

So I’m wondering if my new 785 was worth the price. That being said, it does a good job of warnings for dangerous curves or speed changes, which is a feature I like. And the magnetic munt also works great.

Posted by Bill J

  • 2/5

Got my 785 LMT-S today..
started it up and the camera never turned on to configure it.
The system has rebooted a number of times.
Reset the system to factory settings… System settled down.
Camera still won’t display .
It flat don’t work. Camera App fails over and over.

I’ve been a Garmin user for more than 10 years.. I think that maybe they’ve put more into this GPS unit than it can handle.

Posted by Michelle

  • 1/5

We have Garmin Dezl Cam LMT which are amazing however the last recent purchase was the 785 LMT – ABSOLUTE RUBBISH – sending back for refund………..

Posted by Claude St-Jean

  • 1/5

The unit will reboot at any time. Imagine that you are at 1.5 mile from a complicated point and you GPS suddenly decides to reboot. It will do it every 15, 20 minutes. I had to change the first unit but the second one does the same. Stay away from it.

Posted by Mark Klement

  • 4/5

Had it about a week. Works great.. Love the alerts for turns and speed. Route shaping works good too. Only downside is the dash cam is quite jumpy due to the mount and the unit being so heavy. Video will be fine to get me out of a jam but I would not post to you tube due to the quality.

Posted by Fred Ski


Got the 785 in March of 2019, it must be an updated version because it works perfectly. I drive a large rv on a Freightliner m-2 106 chassis. So I set the 785 as a truck but works perfectly as a 4 wheeler also. I am 72 and not a geek but could figure out most everything. I have it programmed to answers to “hay woman” instead of “voice command” since it is a female giving back info! I give it a 5 star

Posted by Fredski

  • 5/5

Got this 785 in March of 2019 for my rv on a Freightliner m-2 106 chassis. Set it up as a straight truck and works perfectly. I’m 72 and by no way a geek but was even able to change voice command to “hay woman” just because it is a woman telling me what to do! This is the best of the last 3 plus units I’ve had from TomTom, Rand, and on older Garmin in a 4 wheeler. Buy a 64 gig card for this unit.

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