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Highest Rated Truck GPS
1Garmin dezl 780 LMTS
2Garmin dezl 580
3Garmin dezl 770LMTHD
4Rand McNally TND 740
5Rand McNally TND 540

Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers

Bluetooth headsets, once an expensive extra for only the most high-end cell phone users are now ubiquitous. Indeed, many convenience stores sell basic models for under $10, and many cell phone providers now offer them for free as incentives or as part of package deals. However, the needs of the

Best Aftermarket Wireless Backup Cameras for Trucks

A wireless backup camera is a valuable addition to any truck, van, RV, or trailer. It will help you quickly identify other vehicles, pedestrians, animals, and virtually any obstruction behind your vehicle that can be hard to spot in a mirror. Wireless cameras make use of a Wi-Fi transmitter so

Garmin dezl 580 Review

Overall Rating

If driving is how you make your living, you can benefit from having a good GPS navigation system in the cab. You can rely on Garmin to get you where you’re going. Garmin has been making GPS devices for years and has become an industry leader for good reason. The dezl 580 truck navigation system is designed for professional truckers and incorporates all the features you could ask for.