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Highest Rated Truck GPS
1Garmin dezl 780 LMTS
2Garmin dezl 580
3Garmin dezl 770LMTHD
4Rand McNally TND 740
5Rand McNally TND 540

ONE20 Truck Driver GPS Review

Overall Rating

The ONE20 is more than a GPS. It is intended to be a truck driver’s companion, in the form of a solid and reliable Samsung tablet. Powered by the AT&T network, the ONE20 software optimizes routes, alerts the driver to hazardous weather conditions, and keeps the driver abreast of current prices for fuel, food, and hotels along the trip.

Best Truck GPS for 2020 – Unbiased Reviews Many vehicle owners use GPS systems during long distance travels. However, there are numerous differences between the devices used for automotive owners and the systems manufactured specifically for commercial vehicles. Independent drivers and fleet owners realize many benefits by using the best

TruckMate 702 Review

Overall Rating

The TruckMate GPS 702 is a versatile and accurate device. It not only provides reliable GPS and a rich feature set, it allows you to set boundaries on driver speed limits, stop times, and more, plus receive alerts if your limits are crossed or exceeded.